Disney World 2016 – Travel Day


In March of 2016, Tom and I moved to Astoria. Exactly a month later we went to Disney World. What an awesome way to celebrate!


As an adult do you ever wish to capture the feeling of your childhood? For me it’s simple, go to Disney World. The anticipation and the magic makes me feel so incredibly warm and full of joy. It truly is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.

After 98 days of planning, waiting, and YouTube watching, April 7th arrived and we got in the car at 4 am to drive to Newark Airport.

A long security line, two Starbucks coffees, and a 2 1/2 hour plane ride later, we landed in Orlando. We exited the plane and I happily skipped my way to the Fono-Rail . After, the Fono-Rail it’s just a short walk to the Magical Express. I’m not sure if Tom was ready to my endless enthusiasm, but he was equally as excited.


Twenty minutes later, we pulled into All-Star Music: our home for the next 5 days. We completed online check-in a few days before so we quickly let the online check-in desk know we were there and then ran to Intermission Food Court. We were starving after our long journey. Tom and I both opted for bacon cheese burgers that came with fries, a drink, and a dessert (love the dining plan).


My dining plan tip: When it comes to quick service always get a pre-wrapped dessert. That way you have an extra snack for later. It also comes with a bottled beverage. Opt for a water… it’s hot outside. This way you have that to take with you.

A nice seating area at All Star Music

Since we arrived at our hotel around 11:30, the plan was to explore the All-Star hotels, relax by the pool, and then get ready for our dinner reservations in Epcot. We waited patiently for our room and enjoyed the smaller piano pool.

Mighty Ducks Pool!
All Star Movies
1 of 3 random pictures Tom took of me on the trip.

With online check-in our room should have been ready upon arrival or at least ready soon after we arrived. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we waited almost 4 hours for our room. Soaking wet from swimming, we walked back to the main lobby to speak with the front desk. In true Disney fashion, they were on the phone right away. Not only did we get a room, but she upgraded us to a preferred room with a pool view. I really wish I could remember this cast members name. She was wonderful. 

View from our room


We quickly got ready and boarded the bus to Epcot (my favorite park). First ride of the trip had to be Spaceship Earth! From there we did Test Track and enjoyed some attractions in Innoventions. We also popped into the Butterfly Garden where we found out Tom is a Disney Princess.  It was rather warm out, so before heading to dinner, we stopped into Club Cool for some free sodas from around the world.

These were our favorites!
Tom’s Test Track Car
A butterfly on Tom’s finger (like a Disney princess)


Dinner was at Spice Road Table in the Moroccan Pavilion in World Showcase. This restaurant was fairly new at the time and the menu looked incredible. I had been planning to have the Coriander-crusted Rack of Lamb (Basmati Rice, Roasted Tomatoes, and Zucchin)i since before we made the reservation. Tom had the Mix Grill (Skewers Marinated Beef and Chicken with French Green Beans, Toasted Almonds, and Rosemary Potatoes). We both had the chocolate almond pyramid for dessert.



Review: I give this place 5 stars. The food is incredible, the theming and decor are beautiful, and the view is pretty awesome. The staff were friendly and very efficient. It’s a $$ and definitely worth the price.




So stuffed from dinner, we decided we need a quick stroll through World Showcase.


Below you will see a picture that captured pure joy. Tom waited rather patiently for a bunch of kids to be done with the drums so we could play too.


Before heading back to the hotel we stopped in the American Pavilion for a flight of beer special for the Flower and Garden Festival.


These were local beers from all around Florida, well, except for number 3. They ran out of number 3 so they gave us Magic Hat Number 9. This is from Vermont and you can get it everywhere so that was a little disappointing. Of all the beers the Maple Bacon Stout was by far the most tasty.


Back at All-Star Music where we quickly fell asleep. Definitely excited to begin our first full day.


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