Quick Post: LIC Beer and Taco Get Down

Today we’re taking a break from our Disney vacation posts.

We weren’t originally going to post about this, but I noticed I had some tasty pictures on my phone and thought, why not?! Let’s give a shout out to the LIC Flea and Food. Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of a lot of the vendors names.


The Beer and Taco Get Down was a small event as part of the weekly Flea market in June. We went with our friends Erik and Greg to enjoy the sun, food, people watching, and the brews.


They featured beers from different parts of the world and local taco vendors filled our bellies with yummy eats.

Veggie Taco from Lao Food

Fun fact! Tom and I love tacos! We frequently reference the episode of Boy Meets World where Eric points to his mouth and says “TACO”.


We had to try the Coney Island Brewing Company Watermelon Wheat. It wasn’t part of the beer fest, but it was worth having to pay for. This is the ultimate summer beer! If you see it you MUST try it. The flavor of watermelon is so refreshing.


The coolest part of the event was the filming of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. We were able to talk to two of the contestants and we even got a glimpse of the host Lara Spencer. We’re getting older therefore we are big HGTV fans.


Since beer samples aren’t enough (obviously) we stopped by Rockaway Brewing Co. it’s across the street! It was a little crowded, but everyone there was super nice, plus the beer is really good. I ordered their Pride Saison and it rocked! It’s dry-hopped with NYS Cascade hops. This saison was the perfect beer for escaping the heat.


After parting ways with our friends we decided to explore Long Island City a little more. We live in Astoria, but we’ve only seen a small portion of LIC.


We stopped in some antique stories to checkout their record selections and sat by the water for a little while before going home and ordering some Poke.


Unfortunately, because I wasn’t planning a post this will have to be a short one. We definitely recommend checking out the flea market one weekend. It’s a lot of fun.

Support local shops and vendors!



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