Disney World 2016 – Day 5

It is probably the worst feeling ever waking up on the morning you’re going to be leaving Disney World. We left our room at All-Star Music, checked out, checked in for our flight, and dropped our bags off for the dragical depressed (the magical express back to the airport).13310422_10154027511396294_2137444384254833720_n

BUT! Our vacation wasn’t over yet. We still had several hours to spend at the Magic Kingdom.¬†This was our chance to fit in the rides we missed out on the other day.


Tom and I started out on the wildest ride in the wilderness! There was a five minute wait! It really is so much fun.

We spent the morning in Fantasyland. We flew with Peter Pan and learned it was a small world after all. Afterwards, we stopped by to say hello to our friends Beast and Gaston.


There’s always time to fit in two of our favorites Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion.


An early lunch was enjoyed at Pecos Bill’s. If you’re looking for a great quick service option in the Magic Kingdom this is IT! We, as you already know, love tacos and Tex-Mex. It has an unlimited ‘fixins’ bar complete with free, I repeat free, guacamole! For quick service this place is even on the healthier side with a lot of smart options. I ordered the veggie burrito and Tom ordered the steak burrito. It was fresh and delicious.


After lunch, we spent our last hour in Tomorrowland. We stopped in to see Auntie Gravity for some Galactic Goodies. We ordered iced coffee and they surprised us by putting ice cream in. This is probably one of the best things ever! After our treat, I drove Tom around the Tomorrowland Speedway (not well might I add). Next, we hopped on one of my all time favorites, The People Mover.


Our last ride of the trip was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. It was so bittersweet boarding this ride because we didn’t want to leave. Little did we know Disney wanted us to stay as well because we got stuck on Buzz for a 1/2 hour.



When we finally got off of Space Ranger Spin, we rode the bus back to All-Star Music. We each got a snack and waited for the dragical depressed to arrive. We were sad to leave, but we knew we would be back eventually.


We’re happy to announce that eventually has arrived. We’ll be back this fall! Stay tuned for our next Disney adventure!



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