Tom’s Birthday Trip

Back in March, during a snow storm, I set out to find an awesome birthday present for Tom. After, a few google searches looking for John Mulaney tickets, I got an idea! We are going to go on a mini trip and see a show. It was the perfect solution to the winter blues!

I found tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in Atlantic City on July 15th.  We love him! So, I quickly made the purchase with plans to give Tom the tickets and a fun day of planning an overnight getaway together. We would finally be able to sit poolside with a cocktail. This was dream we often talked about in the colder months.


Of course, Atlantic City had other plans when we set out to plan the trip. Rooms for 1 night in July cost around $500. I was shocked! AC is pretty much a dump except for a few nice hotels and certain areas of the boardwalk. Plus, you can book a long weekend in Las Vegas for that amount.

With help from my parents quick thinking, we decided to stay at an old favorite of my grandparents, The Stockton Seaview. I have fond memories of this place from when I was a little girl. I remember the indoor swimming pool being really cool! I knew this was going to be a great trip.


We arrived at the Seaview late Saturday morning.  Our room was available right away so we quickly dropped off out stuff and headed to Coastal Grille for lunch.

Photo Jul 15, 12 28 31 PM

Tom ordered the crab cake and I opted for the fish tacos. Tom’s crab cake was really tasty. My tacos tasted pretty good, but they had nothing in them. I maybe got 1/4 of a piece of fish in all 3 tacos. This was very disappointing.



Once we were full, we headed out to the pool to fulfill our winter dreams of cocktails. Tom ordered their white sangria and I opted for a frozen margarita. The drinks were tasty and the pool water was the perfect temperature. It was becoming a wonderful day.


Photo Jul 15, 10 08 30 PM

We quickly cleaned ourselves up to head to the Borgata for an early dinner and our comedy show.


Tom and I had reservations for Bobby Flay Steak and we could not wait to treat ourselves. For almost 2 years we had been stashing away our loose change for a rainy day and this was our rainy day. Pro Tip: keeping all of your loose change really adds up!

Photo Jul 15, 5 03 47 PM

After eating at Bobby Flay Steak, we finally understood why he is the reigning champion of all food competitions. This was THE BEST MEAL we EVER HAD! I don’t take this statement lightly. I love all the signature dining restaurants in Disney. They are incredible, but this place blew them out of the water.

Photo Jul 15, 5 32 42 PM

We began our meal with a half bottle of wine. Tom ordered the Spice Rubbed Filet Mignon and I had Porterhouse LambChops with mint and a red wine sauce. For our sides, we shared Wild Mushroom Mashed Potatoes with white truffle oil and Cauliflower Goat Cheese Gartin.


Very full from our meal, we slowly walked over to our show. Even though I bought the cheapest bleacher seats available, we could see the stage so well. If you ever buy tickets for an event at the Borgata, but don’t want to spend a lot, the back row bleachers are the way to go!


With our overpriced go-to dive bar drinks in hand (gin, Sprite, and some lime) we settled in to enjoy Jim perform Fully Dressed.

Photo Jul 15, 6 36 44 PM

I think his comedy is refreshing. He is hilarious without being vulgar. He took his real life tragedy and turned it into a funny story making it relatable for others who have gone through similar tragic experiences. Comedy has a way of making people feel as though they are not alone. Also, he brought back his famous Hot Pockets joke… everybody loves Hot Pockets!

Photo Jul 15, 8 42 08 PM

Photo Jul 15, 8 56 45 PMAfter the show, we had a drink with another FoodNetwork Star. We enjoyed some chips and dip with beverages at Geoffrey Zakarian’s Sunroom. We ended our night just exploring the casino and eating one last sweet treat.


Back at the seaview we decided to honor my Pop Pop by having drinkie-poohs in the lobby. This was one of his favorite things to do, as you’ve read in our other posts.


On Sunday morning, we checked out and decided to get breakfast in the main dining room. This breakfast was really disappointing. I remember enjoying meals here as a child and the quality has really gone downhill.


One last dip in the pool was a must before hitting the road home. We recommend staying in the Seaview if you plan on going to Atlantic City, but want to stay away from the craziness and save money. It’s a little dated, but it has fancy charm, plus it’s only a 17 minute drive to AC and all the amazing food there. Oh and the pool is great!

We had a really nice time on this trip. It recharged our batteries a little bit and it made us feel like we really got away for a little while.



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