Groovy Cocktails

Living in Astoria is like living in a big-little community. It’s a huge area, but the fun events and people make it feel small and homey.

A few weeks ago, Tom and I decided to check out an event at one of favorite hang outs, The Bonnie Bar. If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve heard us mention it many times before.

The Bonnie was hosting the Queens Cup 4. The Queens Cup is a cocktail competition between the local bars featuring a certain brand of alcohol. There have already been 3 of these contests, but each one was on a day when we already had plans. Tom was really excited to be able to check this one out. He’s a big fan of mixology.


So, on a very chilly rainy Monday after work, we made the trek to The Bonnie. When we first arrived, it didn’t seem like anything special was going on, but as we made our way to the back patio, the summer of love was in full swing. Peace signs and bright colors decorated the space as hippies swayed around to the music playing getting ready for the event to begin.


The featured alcohol of the evening was Barr Hill Gin by Caledonia Spirits. We love gin drinks and were really excited for little samples of each. Since the theme was Summer of Love, each bar represented a band from the 60’s.

Once the event began, we felt like we were on Throw Down with Bobby Flay or the Esquire show Knife Fight. The bartenders began quickly creating their drinks with style and flare. Soon the cocktails were being passed back for all of us to try.

Unfortunately, it was a Monday night and I am an old person (Tom is young and hip) so we couldn’t stay for the whole competition, but we managed to taste a few cocktails. Here are the highlights. (By the way, the moisture in the air made the photos a little blurry towards the end of the night.)

Forest Hills Station: The Genmai-Ration (The Who) 


Genmai-Infused Barr Hill Ginn, Black Sesame, Senorio De Iniesta Bobal Rose, Banane Du Bresil, Lemon, Bubbles. 

Sanford’s: Day Tripper (The Beatles) 


Barr Hill Gin, Tahitian Vanilla, Lemon, Champagne, Fresh Passion Fruit, Vanilla Angel Dust. 

Sweet Afton: Away the Lads (The Animals)

I lost the picture to this cocktail. I think I accidentally deleted it because it was super blurry from the moisture.

Barr Hill Gin, Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Lemon, HoneyDew Melon, Chickpea Brine, Almond Milk, Club Soda, Peychaud’s Bitters. 

The Bonnie: Everybody is a Star (Sly and the Family Stone) 


Life Cereal-Infused Barr Hill Gin, Butterfly Pea Flower, Cardamaro, Peach, Benedictine, Star Fruit, Kaffir Lime, Hemp Seed, Lemon, and Bitters. 

Other bars at the cup were Diamond Dogs, Flattops, Mosaic, Mars, and The Sparrow Tavern. I really wish were able to stay to try their drinks as well.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t love the cocktails. Some were definitely better than others and it was so surprising how well all the ingredients went together…Chickpea Brine!! It also must be really hard to create cocktails under that kind of speed and pressure. Tom was definitely a bigger fan of the drinks than I was, but of the two of us he’s the bigger cocktail person.

This was a really fun event! We hope they continue with a Queens Cup 5 because we will definitely be there.


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