Disney Meets Astoria

For the last year and 1/2 there have been moments where living in Astoria feels like we are on vacation. Whether we’re going out for ice cream or walking along the water, there is something a little magical about this place. This night was no exception.


In August, The Central Astoria Local Development Coalition held a movie night in Astoria Park every Monday. After work, we planned to have a nice date night and enjoy the Toy Story 3 showing. It was taking a step away from the normal Monday grind and screamed mini vacation.


We began our date with a Home Chef meal. We subscribe to this meal service to help us save time during the week and keep the food waste down. Our menu for this evening was Salmon with brown butter tomato relish. This very was easy and very tasty.


We cleaned up quickly and I made old bay seasoned popcorn for the movie. Then, we grabbed our chairs from the car and walked over to the park.


This movie night felt like movies under the stars at a Disney World Resort with all the kids running around and the families enjoying their time together. Toy Story 3 is the perfect movie for such an occasion. It makes me cry every time…in a good way.


For more local events, please check out Central Astoria LDC and help support our awesome community. That way we can all feel like we’re on vacation every once in a while.




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