Wine and Food Trucks

Does anything sound better than a day full of wine tasting and food trucks?! We think not!


Back in August for our friend Danielle’s birthday, we ventured to Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey. The winery was holding a Food Trucks, Fire Pit, and Fireworks festival.

Upon arrival, I had to use the bathroom… After much protesting, I faced my fears head on and used the port-O-potty. It was terrible! I really needed a drink! Thank God, we were at a winery!

Before deciding what to eat (there were so many options), we opted for a wine tasting. That way we knew which bottle of wine to pair with all our yummy food selections.


We each tasted 7 wines for $7. I felt the tasting should have been free since we purchased tickets to the event, but I digress. I wasn’t too impressed with the wine at the time, but we did purchase a bottle of Cabernet Franc to have at home and it was delicious.

After many sips of reds and whites, the group decided to share a bottle of the Rose. We needed something cold and refreshing on this hot day.



But first… Wahlburgers! Tom and I were so hungry and the famous Wahlberg brothers had a food truck at the event. If we were going to have more wine we needed something in our stomachs.

I ordered the BBQ Bacon Burger (1/3 lb. burger, white cheddar, bacon, fresh jalapeños, housemade BBQ sauce & avocado spread) and Tom got the classic Our Burger (1/3 lb. burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, “government” cheese, Paul’s signature wahl sauce & housemade pickles).

The burgers really hit the spot, so it was time for more wine. We purchased our bottle of the Beachcomber Blush. It was sweet, tart, and refreshing. You will definitely pick up on some berry notes.


The rest of the day was spent exploring the beautiful grounds. Only stopping once to sit and enjoy some homemade Sangria in a mason jar. Oh and Tom got us some tacos, but I was too full from my burger to have more than a bite.

Our wondering led us the the main building of the winery. Here we found a store, comfortable places to site, and a real bathroom… yes, a real bathroom (I’m rolling my eyes).

While inside, we saw a sign for chocolate wine and had to give it a try. It was very alcoholic tasting, but I surprising really liked it. It would be the perfect after dinner drink to enjoy by the fire pit at my parents. Tom wasn’t as big of a fan as I was so he can stick to his scotch.


The night ended with fireworks. They weren’t Wishes level, but these were not your average town fireworks. They were really well done. We got to stand in the vineyard as we watched. It was so cool!


This was really fun day! We definitely recommend going to New Egypt to check this place out. They have tons of fun events year round.


Here’s to the birthday girl for coming up with such a fun day! Cheers!

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