Rain + Subway + Groupon = Hot Dogs

You know those dreary days after work where you don’t want to do anything but put on your PJs and cuddle up on the couch? Well, those days are the best days for a mini adventure.


Tom’s sister gifted him with a Groupon to New York Dog House for his birthday. It could only be used Sunday – Thursday and we don’t go out to dinner often during the week, so we kept forgetting to use it until days where we didn’t have the opportunity.


So on this chilly rainy day, we hopped off the Subway a few stops before ours and headed out for Hot Dogs!


Our Groupon included two sausage sandwiches, two drinks, and a side to share. We both picked an IPA for our drink, but went very different routes for our sandwiches.


I ordered the ‘California’ Dog – smashed avocado with peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, radish, and fresh herbs on a Weisswurst.


Tom ordered The Gravy Train – grilled peppers and onions, white cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, spicy harissa honey gravy on a hot dog with a split bun.

We opted for the cajun fries to share and they were incredibly spicy!


The food was really good! Everything was very fresh and prepared well. We were a little worried about dining here because we read some unsavory things about the management on the Astoria SubReddit, but we had zero issues and really enjoyed ourselves.

This was the perfect way for us to break up a slow week. We should have just enjoyed the fact that it was slow because work has picked up x100 for us lately. Oh well, now we know to appreciate the slow days.



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