Tom takes Shannon to Jersey City

Whenever Tom sees his friends from home they always pick Jersey City as their meeting point. It’s almost perfectly timed between where they live and Astoria. However, it’s always a guys night, so I have never been to Jersey City.

Over Labor Day weekend, Tom decided to change that and both of us met our friends for a little Jersey City Adventure.


We began our day at the Zeppelin Hall and Biergarten for some brews and BBQ. Between stuffing our faces with the amazing food, we played Jenga.

Dogfish Head: Festina Pêche

Once finished at the Biergarten, we walked over to Grove Street. This cute little street is blocked off to traffic and is full of shops and restaurants. It allows people to enjoy themselves sitting out in the street.


While on Grove Street, we stopped into Barcade for a little more craft beer and games. We were looking for a place with activities, so it wasn’t just a day of sitting and drinking. I think we were pretty successful. For a couple of hours, we played old arcade games. It was awesome.

Anchor Brewing: Old Foghorn Barleywine


We left Barcade to head back home after having a really great day. Jersey city is definitely a fun little place to visit. I cannot wait to go back.


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