Halloween Decorations

Between October and New Years day is my absolute favorite time of year! It is full of family, friends, good movies, and good food.

To really get into the seasonal spirit, Tom and I like to place little decorations around the apartment.

Here is a sneak peek into our home and some of our favorite halloween pieces.

Our mummy candy dish always filled with Reese’s. I love the little Frankenstein’s monster looking into the bowl.

These cute hanging decorations cost us like $1.50 at AC Moore.


Our bar is never complete without pumpkin beer glasses.

Ghostly twinkle lights hang around our wine/beer rack. It was very hard to get a good picture.

Our shelves have a cute little Jack-O’-Lantern and a vodka bottle shaped like a skull. It’s a magic poison.

Our coffee bar has zombie mugs and festive napkins.


Last, is our spooky window decorations. They look across to our neighbors to help get them into the halloween spirit.

These items came from Paper Source, TJ MAXX, AC Moore, Shop Rite, and Marshall’s.¬†How are you getting into the Halloween spirit?


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