We’re getting Married!

This blog post was originally titled Vesta Vino Date Night. I was really exited to tell you about one of our favorite places to eat in Astoria and I still will, but Tom had other plans for this evening.

Photo Oct 06, 9 14 02 PM

We began our night with a nice stroll through Astoria Park, just before sunset. Our dinner reservations were at 7:30 so we had some time to kill. As we entered the park, the lanterns were just lit and there were leaves on the ground. If it wasn’t 80 degrees outside, it would have been the perfect fall evening.

Once we made it to the water, Tom asked if I wanted to just enjoy the view for a little while. The sun was setting beautifully over the RFK bridge, our bridge as like to call it. We stood there and chatted for a little while Tom waited for his moment. Soon after, he was down on one knee asking me to spend my life with him.  I briefly interrupted his speech because I was in shock, even though I had a feeling it was coming. Who wears a jacket on an 80 degree day.. someone trying to hide a ring, that’s who. I said no, of course… just kidding. I said yes so quickly.

The moment came and went quickly, I wish I could relive it everyday. He planned it so perfectly. It was just us in our favorite spot of Astoria Park. Simple, but romantic. I love him so much.

After our magical moment, we walked over to Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar to celebrate. We started our meal with a bottle of an incredible Malbec and shared the Steamed PEI Mussels (spicy tomato broth, herb butter & garlic crostini). They were so delicious that I ended up drinking the broth with a spoon.

For our entrees we both had pasta. Tom ordered the Rigatoni (pomodoro sauce, oven roasted cherry tomatoes & burrata) and I ordered the Orecchiette (pork sausage, swiss chard, garlic, chili & grana padano). Both dishes were incredible, but we were so overwhelmed that we couldn’t finish them.

This is our one of our favorite restaurants in Astoria so we highly recommend it! The  food is always awesome and the atmosphere is romantic, but very laid back. It was the perfect ending to an incredible night.

Back home, we continued to tell our loved ones about our happy news. We went to bed early, excited to continue to celebrate the next day.

Photo Oct 07, 9 46 59 AM

On Saturday, we continued to celebrate in true Tom and Shannon fashion.. we ate! First on the menu, Mickey Waffles! We bought them to get excited for our Disney trip, but they also seemed like the perfect celebration breakfast.

Photo Oct 07, 11 31 26 AM

We then headed to the mall to get my ring resized. I have very small hands. While there we enjoyed some Bobby’s Burger Palace for lunch. Tom had the Crunchburger because every sandwich needs potato chips on top and I was a little healthier ordering a topless (no bun) L.A. burger. This place is just more proof that Bobby is a food genius.

Photo Oct 07, 6 32 30 PM

Later in the evening, we decided to hit up Singlecut for some celebratory beers and TACOS! Tom ordered the 18 Watt IPA and I had the Kim a hibiscus sour. We shared pork and brisket tacos from Salt and Bone. They’re a restaurant on 30th Ave that currently have a popup in Singlecut. The two are a match made in beer and food heaven.

Photo Oct 07, 6 39 27 PM

Our last stop for the evening was one last cocktail had at The Ditty. We toasted to our life together.

Photo Oct 07, 9 53 37 PM

Back home, we watched the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam got engaged because we met at work. I know we are too cute! It’s gross!

Photo Oct 09, 12 23 20 PM

On Monday, we had a surprise celebration thanks to our boss and coworkers. They had an incredible cookie cake made for us. It meant so much to us.

Photo Oct 09, 12 21 44 PM

Astoria is already a special place to us, but this weekend made it even more. There will be more celebration and wedding planning posts to come. We are so excited to share this happy time with all of you.


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