The Brown Barn

Back in September, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday at the Orange County Distillery located at the Brown Barn Farms.┬áThe plan was to enjoy some cocktails made from the distillery liquor and small bites on the beautiful grounds.


After finding a comfy picnic table outside, we ordered some local brews. I had the Pine Island Brewing Scottish Ale and I believe Tom ordered an IPA from Rushing Duck. While my mom enjoyed a classic Gimlet. I cannot for the life of me remember the beer my dad ordered and it was his birthday…



Next up, the amazing cheese and charcuterie plate. It had aged cheddar, an herbed goat cheese, and delicious sausages and cured meats. Along side the meats and cheeses were all homemade pickles, granolas, mustards, and compotes. Each with it’s own unique flavor that just elevated the meats and cheeses.

Once all the cheese was gone, we walked over to the bus. What’s the bus you ask? It’s a local food truck dishing out fresh and tasty food. We all ordered chicken tacos and a spicy slaw on the side. The tacos were very good, topped with avocado and a spicy mayo. The spicy slaw was ok. It definitely needed more of a sauce on it.

After our tacos, Tom and I explored the grounds a little. The sun was starting to set and there were beautiful sunflowers. We noticed some rude people picking them so I wanted to snap a pic before they were gone.

We finished our evening with one final drink. Tom and my Dad ordered single malts that they felt needed a bit more aging. My mom had one more gimlet and I opted for the Courkat (Vodka, muddled jalapeno, sparkling lemonade, splash of lime). I loved the drink. It was refreshing. Tom asked them to make it medium spicy for me because I love spice, but it was a little too much so be warned if you ever order it.


This place is really cool! We had an awesome time with my parents and we will definitely be back. We really enjoyed sitting outside and there were tons of young families doing the same. We are particularly excited about going back in the winter. They have lots of wood burning stoves making it seem like a cozy experience after we go skiing.


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