Astoria Staycation – 2017 – Monday

After all the eating, we decided we needed to be active on the last day of our Staycation. With that in mind we decided to go ice skating in Flushing, but before we laced up our rental skates, we needed… lunch.

Photo Mar 20, 1 20 23 PM

Flushing is a Mecca for incredible Asian cuisine. There are so many different foodie adventures to have there, but we opted for one of the best Chinese food restaurants I have ever been to, Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao.

This small casual eatery is Michelin recommended and has a line out the door on any given day. Trust us, it is worth the wait.

If you are looking to grab some soup dumplings, this is definitely the place for that, but we opted for the pork steam buns instead. The dough is crisp on the bottom and dense. Once you bite into it you instantly taste the salty fat pork. It’s incredible. We also ordered scallion pancakes and rice cakes with mustard greens and more pork. Everything was delicious, but what takes it over the top? The addition of my favorite condiment chili garlic sauce. Each table gets it’s own jar.

Photo Mar 20, 3 50 09 PM

After consuming our weight in carbs, we thought it would be a good idea to walk over to the Flushing Meadows Corona Park. It was far and the walk didn’t exactly take us through the best area, but we made it there alright.

This park is the location of the 1964 World’s Fair. It was really cool for us to be standing in the birth place of some of Walt Disney’s greatest achievements. At this World’s Fair, Walt debuted Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Carousel of Progress, Magic Skyway, and It’s a Small World. We had to take a moment to take it all in. This is also the location of the epic battle at the end of the first Men in Black. 

Photo Mar 20, 4 10 40 PM

We walked over to the indoor rink, which isn’t expensive at all. We spent an hour or so slow skating in circles and just enjoying our time together. This is great activity if you are looking for something cheap and different.

Back at home, we ordered dinner from Sandwich Bar and relaxed not ready to go back to work the next day.

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