More Cheese Please

A couple weeks ago, we went to the viral NYC beer garden Clinton Hall to celebrate a friend’s birthday. If you haven’t heard of Clinton Hall, you’ve definitely seen videos of their food on Facebook. They offer the Donut grilled Cheese, the grilled cheese burger, injectable donuts, and the most famous selection the Fondue Burger. If you are watching what you are eating… this NOT the place for you.

Photo Nov 06, 7 58 00 PM

Even though this was a quick trip, we were able to get a full sense of how awesome this place is. When you walk in, you will notice the very hip and relaxed vibe. They have a selection of 20 beers on tap and tons of fun games to play while you enjoy those brews.

Ok, so, this place is really fun, but does the food standup to all this social media attention? The answer is absolutely! Everything we tasted was awesome! Here’s the rundown.

We began with two beers. Tom ordered Founders DKML a barrel aged malt liquor and I opted for a local 5 Boroughs Gose, which was very tart and refreshing.

For food, we decided to share the fried pickles (one of my all time favorite bar snacks) and the sliders which come with that amazing fondue cheese sauce without fully committing to the fondue burger. This food did not disappoint. In fact, we are still talking about it. The pickles were so crispy and the sauce drizzled on the top took them to the next level. The sliders, though tiny, were juicy. Also, that cheese sauce… all I can say is OMG! We wanted to swim in it. Later on, I learned you can order it on the side, which I will definitely do next time for my fries.

Photo Nov 04, 8 24 53 PM

After our meal, Tom tried their house beer: a Clinton Hall IPA from Bronx Brewery. It was really good! Just the right amount of hoppiness. We then set out to find one of the games to play. Everything was taken except for ping pong, so we played a very silly game until we lost the ball…

Photo Nov 04, 9 40 14 PM

The party started a little later with the group ordering a ton of the grilled cheese burgers: which is two whole grilled cheese sandwiches with burgers between them. The birthday boy tried the injectable donuts and he said they were perfectly balanced; just the right amount of sweet, and really tasty.

Before we called it a night, we each had one more beer. I kept with 5 Boroughs and ordered the Pineapple Local. It was definitely a summer beer, but I didn’t mind. It was sweet and hoppy with the perfect amount of pineapple flavor. Tom had a British Ale and it was pretty standard.

Photo Nov 04, 10 12 10 PM

We will definitely be going back to Clinton Hall when we are feeling the need for a decadent night out!

PS. Follow the birthday boy on instagram @healthy.shits



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