Disney World – 2017 – Day 3

Photo Oct 24, 10 24 20 AM

Our third day was full of so many favorites. We began with a delicious breakfast at our favorite hotel The Grand Floridian. The cafe there is always serving amazing food. My mom and I shared the Grand Breakfast, which includes two eggs served with bacon, sausage, and cheesy-hash brown casserole. Tom opted for some french toast: brioche french toast with Madagascar vanilla bean-butter with bacon or sausage.

Photo Oct 24, 8 34 41 AM

After we were full, we moved on to another favorite, The Magic Kingdom. It’s impossible to do everything in this park so we made sure to get in all the classics in-between our mountains of the Magic Kingdom FASTPASSES.


Photo Oct 24, 10 21 46 AM

Our journey began with my favorite ride Pirates of the Caribbean. From there, we went on to our first FASTPASS, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The wildest ride in the wilderness is always so much fun.

Next up, another Disney classic, The Haunted Mansion. Being on this ride really makes me feel like I’m actually in Disney World. There’s something about it that makes it so real.


From there, we stopped by Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe for lunch. Tom and I shared the two taco meal. We said it the last time we ate here, if you’re looking for a healthier option you can definitely find it here. Bonus: it’s also really tasty especially with all those free toppings.


Our second FASTPASS was for The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. Tom and I were excited for my family to ride, but my mom wasn’t feeling well so my parents decided to sit this one out. However, my grumpy brother was going to ride with us and the proof is in his face as to how much fun this ride is. It was one of the only pictures that captured a look of pure joy from him. He’s great! Also, we do not know the woman in the picture next to him, she is now fondly and jokingly known as Aunt Barbara.


Photo Oct 24, 10 49 15 AM

Before our last FASTPASS, we decided to hang out for a little in Tomorrowland and hopped on the People Mover. It’s the perfect ride to relax and cool off a little, just ask my Dad – he fell asleep.


After Space Mountain, we decided it was time to head back to the resort for some pool time and drinkie-poohs. We walked back down Main Street USA knowing we would be back again in a couple of days.


The boats come pretty quickly, about every 20 minutes, so before we knew it we were back at the cabins getting ready to relax outside. At that point, the sun had finally come out.



We arrived at the Swimmin’ hole ready for cocktails. Tom went over and ordered us some moonshine concoctions. Tom ordered the Moonshine Daiquiri and I had the Colada Moonshine. These were really strong and the alcohol separates from the rest of the drink so, make sure you mix it up really well before taking a sip. Other than that, they were pretty good.

Once we were hot and properly lubricated we headed over to the slide! We were like kids again, going up and down the slide a few times before chilling in the pool.


We took a boat to the Wilderness Lodge after our nice afternoon by the pool. This hotel is spectacular! I feel like the aerial pictures we took really don’t do it justice even though they’re pretty cool.

While we waited for our dinner reservation at Artist Point, we had drinks had the Territory Lounge.  Tom ordered a Manhattan and I got the Funky Buddha Sweet Potato Casserole Beer. If you’re a fan of Fall beer this one is for you.


As I mentioned above, dinner was at Artist Point. It is one of our absolute favorite restaurants on Disney Property. My family has been eating here every trip since it first opened in 1998. It truly is one of the best kept secrets on property and it will always get a 5 out of 5 stars from me. The atmosphere is perfect and the food is exceptional.


We ordered a bottle of North by Northwest for the table. It’s an excellent dry red wine.

For dinner, I decided to go for a soup and salad combo. I absolutely love fall squash soup and this one was balanced perfectly both sweet and savory. It was topped with a marshmallow! I also ordered the salad with greens that came straight from the land pavilion in EPCOT. It had pears and goat cheese. YUM!


Tom ordered the Scallops and they were incredible! They were rich and delicate with a ton of flavor.


To make the evening even more special, the restaurant gifted us with 5 glasses of champagne to celebrate our engagement. It’s these little touches that keep us coming back time and time again.


We love Artist Point and the Wilderness Lodge. We recommend adding them to your must-do list next time you’re in Disney World. After dinner we took the boat back to Fort Wilderness very full and ready for bed.

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