Christmas is Starting Now

We love Christmas! I may be a little crazier about it than Tom, but we love it! Decorating is just one of things that truly puts us in the Christmas mood. So here is a peek into our apartment and all of our Christmas decorations!


The very first step to decorating is getting your Christmas tree. We selected ours from the farm outside CVS on Ditmars. Christmas tree shopping is double what it would cost outside the city, but it’s worth it. We love having a fresh tree.


This year we spent $50 on a tree that is roughly my height (5 feet 1 inch) and has a large gap in the middle. This tree was discounted due to the gap so you can see it’s an expense. I’m also a little upset that they would sell us this tree. It was clearly a little sickly and as I write this post (12/13/17) our tree is already dead like should be thrown out dead. We’ve had it for 2 weeks! We watered it every day! Ok, rant over…

We still love our tree though! I named him Greggnog. Yes, I name my Christmas tree every year.


This year we were given a ton of new ornaments and we’re very excited to share them with you.


Over the weekend of Thanksgiving it’s tradition for Tom and his mom to decorate their tree. Each year she gives him a new guitar ornament and this year I got to be part of the tradition with a purse ornament! It really meant a lot to me.


We also have amazing friends who gave us engagement ornaments. Thank you Sean, Becky, Nicolette, and Mike. We love them!


We bought ourselves a Happily Ever After ornament while we were in Disney. It was the theme of our trip and we also loved the new fireworks show!


Tom got me a taco ornament for Christmas because you know… TACO! It was gifted to me early so we could put it on the tree.


Last, but certainly not least is an ornament from my parents. We set a wedding date for next year and they gave us the perfect ornament to celebrate that.


Moving on from the ornaments we have our stockings. They are hung over our chair with care. Tom’s is much larger than mine because I ordered the wrong size by mistake and because I had it monogrammed I couldn’t return it. Since, he’s a foot taller than me we think they perfectly symbolize us. You can purchase these are Pottery Barn. They have so many nice ones to choose from and they’re usually on sale!


These two are decorations are really special to me. The nutcracker was a gift from my Nanny (grandma not an actual nanny) when I was a little girl and the Santa Claus is my favorite from my Mom’s collection.


This little tree Tom bought me when my Upper East Side apartment was too small for a tree!


Last, is the latest addition to our Holiday collection… this Buddy the Elf pray candle from Lockwoods in Astoria! It was so silly we couldn’t resist. The Christmas Disney pad was in my stocking last year from Tom’s Mom, so cute!

We have a few more Christmas post coming this week and next! Check back on Thursday for our recommendations for Holiday beer!

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