Christmas Brew Crew 2017

The brew crew gathered a few weeks ago to sample quite a few holiday and winter beers that you should be drinking to make your Christmas merrier and brighter!


Like all brew crew meetings, we began at Artichoke Pizza on 31st street in Astoria. This ain’t your basic pizza pie. Each slice is richer than the next and it’s the perfect base in your stomach before all the beer samples.


This pizza is so rich, cheesy, and full of flavor. They have a ton of locations, so definitely check them out. This time we ordered Vodka Sicilian, pepperoni, and a margarita.


Back at our apartment, it was time to sample all the beers. We each get a tasting glass and a glass of water. We begin each sample by smelling the beer and trying to pick out distinct scents. Then, we taste and do the same with the flavors we pick up. It’s a lot of fun and interesting to see what we taste.

Our friends Courtney and Chris brought over this champagne sized bottle that I clearly had trouble opening. Then, was scared when Tom took over opening it.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… what beers do we think you should be enjoying this holiday weekend?

Each beer we drank was full of holiday flavors. You will normally find notes of pine and cherry, even a little bit of sage. There are always the classic flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and all-spice flowing in every sip. There are also warming notes of bourbon and chocolate in some. For those of you looking for that fruit cake flavor, we even have beers with fig and orange on the list. All these beers will fill your soul with joy, but that could also be the alcohol.

  2. Anchor Christmas Ale 
  3. Troeg Mad Elf 
  4. Port City Tidings 
  5. Great South Bay Sleigh Ryed Winter Ale
  6. Troeg Mad Elf Grand Cru 
  7. Sam Adams Chocolate Bock 
  8. Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee 
  9. Dogfish Pennsylvania Tuxedo
  10. Deschutes Jubelale 
  11. Lagunitas Brown Shugga 
  12. Southern Tier 2Xmas 


We tried to pick a variety that will satisfy every beer drinker. We hope you enjoy and that everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

Merry Christmas from Shannon, Tom, and our Brew Crew!


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