Random Bits of Christmas

Today’s blog post is just different parts of the Christmas season told through photos from my Google Pixel 2.

One random week night on our walk home from the subway it was snowing. The homes across the street were so decked out for Christmas, it felt pretty magical.

That weekend we had some friends over for a small potluck yankee swap. I made a baked brie and a few other treats. We bought a Christmas illumibowl as our funny yankee swap gift. It lights up your toliet with fun christmas pictures.

The next day my parents came to visit. We first brought them to the Bohemian Hall Christmas Market where we picked up our favorite hot sauce from Hellsgate Farms. It’s so cool that they grow all their produce here in Astoria.


Our next stop was Astoria Park to see our Christmas tree. It may be smaller than Rock Center, but it’s a way better experience. No crowds!


For dinner, we took them to our favorite restaurant, Vesta Vino. This is where we ate the night we got engaged.

Here we ordered a bottle of wine and some Christmas pasta. The food is always so so good here.


Tom also ordered dessert because it’s Christmas! Once full, we walked my parents back to their car and we headed home to change for some Christmas fun with Steph and Peter.

Random Christmas decorations on our way to Steph and Peter’s.

At Steph and Peters, we enjoyed a Mint Chocolate Stout, homemade cake pops, and A Christmas Story the Musical Live.


The following week dragged on and on, but we were let go early from work on Friday for the holiday. We decided to do a few things at my old stomping grounds: the Upper East Side. Here we saw my favorite Christmas Tree in the city, did a little window shopping at CB2, and stopped for Sprinkles Cupcakes.


We saved our cupcakes to enjoy at home while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

On Saturday, morning we drove to my parents to help my Dad make my Nanny’s meatballs for our Christmas Eve Dinner.


On Christmas Eve, we went into town to help my dad pick out stocking stuffers for my mom. It’s been our tradition for years. Afterwords we fell asleep. Like father, like daughter.


Christmas Eve was spent with my family enjoying a meat and cheese plate, homemade meatballs, wine, and lots of dessert. We exchanged gifts and enjoyed each others company.

Even though we didn’t take a lot of pictures, we spent Christmas Day with Tom’s family, it was so much fun and reminds me of being with my Dad’s side of the family at Christmas, lots of good food, presents, and laughter.


Tom and I even enjoyed a special Christmas beer from my cousin Kelly and her husband Cole. It was a truly wonderful Christmas and we are so blessed to have amazing people in our lives.


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