36 Hours in Newport

Back in June, my Aunt Patty and Uncle Roy asked my family to join them for a quick trip to Newport, Rhode Island. At the time, they owned a condo there and it was walking distance from town. Tom and I jumped on the chance for a last minute weekend away.

After work on Friday, we drove for 6 hours only stopping once for Big Macs. We finally made it there around 11 pm and we all went out for a celebratory drink. Once our drinks were finished, we went back to the condo to sleep.

Photo Jun 17, 12 07 25 PM

The next morning after breakfast, we embarked on the Cliff Walk. On one side of the walk is the ocean and the other are the incredible mansions. It’s the perfect way to sightsee and be active.



After our cold, but awesome, hike, we walked into town for lunch. I believe we went to 22 Bowen’s on the Wharf (I really need to start writing these things down). The food was so delicious. They had all the things I was craving….lots of seafood! Tom ordered a swordfish po’boy and I had a crab melt.

With full bellies my mom, aunt, and I went shopping while the men went back to the condo to get cleaned up. We stopped in several adorable shops where I picked up hats for Tom and I. Our last stop was Frazzleberries, a store owned by our family friends. They have another location in my hometown. It’s full of super cute country and beachy goodies!

We had to stop at Castle Hill for pre-dinner drinks on the lawn! We felt so fancy sitting in  Adirondack chairs sipping our cocktails as the sailboats went by. I ordered a Bocce on the Lawn (Gin, cucumber, tomato, celery seed) Tom had the Château sangria (Chilled red wine, peachtree, marinated fruit).

Photo Jun 17, 5 47 43 PM

We ate a fantastic dinner at Salvation Cafe! This joint is full of tasty and interesting flavor profiles that will not disappoint. We shared wine and laughter while we enjoyed some awesome food! My mom and I shared the Kale Caesar (tossed with anchovy, lemon, pecorino romano, crouton dust) and the Teriyaki Salmon (lemon coconut rice and crispy spinach). Tom had the Short-rib Burger (brie & peppadew ketchup).

Photo Jun 17, 7 41 33 PM

Photo Jun 17, 7 59 52 PM


After dinner, we enjoyed some drinks on the roof of the condo. It has a super cool view and it was nice to just relax with my family.

Photo Jun 17, 9 03 05 PM

On Sunday morning, we woke and went to a diner for a greasy and delicious breakfast. Once we were full, we loaded up the car and made the drive back home.

It was a really nice spontaneous trip with my awesome family.

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