Muppets take Astoria

A few weeks ago, we set out on an Astoria day adventure with two of our closest friends Stephanie and Peter. A day for the four of us always consists of good food and a little adventure.


Tom and I were up pretty early getting ready for the day. Since we had to walk by anyways, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to stop into Gossip Coffee again. We have been talking about those donuts and that coffee since our staycation.


I ordered a latte and a classic sprinkle donut. Tom opted for a regular coffee with a Guinness donut. As always, it was incredible!


Once full of sugary goodness we walked over to the Museum of the Moving Image to wait for our friends. We were so excited because we were finally checking out the Jim Henson Exhibit. It’s a Disney meets Astoria day! We love any little connection to our favorite places.


When Steph and Peter arrived, we began our journey through the world of Jim Henson. Not only was it cool to see all the puppets he created, but we also learned a lot about this slightly tortured genius.


He created a lot of abstract independent films and even had a special called The Muppets: Sex and Violence. However, I think the best part for all of us was watching the little kids get excited about seeing their favorite characters.


One little girl went running from her mom saying Big Bird Big Bird in excitement. Others were notably excited about Miss Piggy or scared by the characters from Dark Crystal. It was really special experience (well.. not the scared children part, but you get the idea).



We even got to see a picture from the opening of Muppet Vision 3D! This Disney dork was seriously geeking out.



The last thing we wanted to mention was the interactive part of the exhibit. You’re able to play with muppets and style your own. It’s really neat and definitely fun for the whole family.


After our museum exploration we were very hungry. The original plan was to check out Astor Room. They’ve been wanting to go since we told them about it, but it wasn’t open so plan b had to be TACOS!


Tacuba Cantina Mexicana is across the street from the museum and offers a wide selection of goodies! I opted for an IPA and the Calabacita Con Jamaica. These are veggie tacos with zucchini, corn, queso fresco, crispy hibiscus flowers, pickled jalapeños, chipotle salsa. They were tiny tacos.. so I needed a tiny violin for my sadness, but they were still good and came with rice and beans. Tom ordered the Carne Asada tacos with cheese and washed it down with an IPA. His tacos had skirt steak adobado, guacamole, chipotle salsa roja, onion, cilantro.


IPAs really pair well with tacos. It’s bitter taste really helps to cut through all the flavors and richness the tacos have to offer.


We spent lunch laughing, talking the shows we were binging, and just enjoying each others company. We love spending time with Steph and Peter. We live so close and I wish we did it more.


Once lunch was over we bid our friends farewell to go spend the rest of the day doing laundry… very exciting.

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