Two Chicken and Waffles Two Concerts and a Beer

Tom and I don’t always go on adventures together, but we do have similar tastes when it comes to the things we do with our friends. A few weeks ago, we both embarked separately on nights out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


During our journeys, we both went to Sweet Chick, a restaurant specializing in Chicken and Waffles.



We both ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken with the milk jam waffle. We were both blown away! That chicken was spicy, moist, and tender. The waffle was light, fluffy and sweet. It was incredible. I’m drooling writing this post.


Tom was with our friend Jon and they shared the pork belly bites. I was with our friend Becca and we shared the tempura cauliflower. The food was so good. Please add it to your list of places to go in the New York City area.


They even have their own beer brewed from the LIC Beer Project, a nicely balanced pale ale that paired perfectly with the chicken, but this isn’t the beer from the title. I will get it at later.


Tom and Jon were in Brooklyn for an Enter Shikari concert. Back in our youth, we were both emo kids. As we age though, those concerts get a little harder with the pushing and drunk people. The boys were able to get a table on the top level where they could relax drink beer and enjoy the music.


Tom said their music has evolved over the years into a band he could still listen to today. I really enjoyed a few songs he later played for me and they have been on a lot in the car lately.


Becca and I were in Brooklyn for the release of SweetWater’s new beer at The Brooklyn Bowl. It’s an unfiltered IPA called Ground Score. This beer was brewed in collaboration with Kyle Hollingsworth. It couples both his passions for music and craft beer. A pretty cool combination.


This beer begins mellow and then melts into a bitter hoppiness that doesn’t coat your mouth but lingers in the back of your throat. It was refreshing and drinkable.


Being a work night, Becca and I stayed until about 10pm and watched the opening band Big Something perform. They were actually very good. A fun mix of different sounds we were able to bop around to. We are pretty sure Duke Silver(Parks and Rec reference) is a member of this band. He was crushing it on the saxophone. He actually kind of looks like Ron Swanson when get gets back together with Tammy Two. It made our night.

We hope you enjoyed our small separate adventures. We’ll be doing a few more posts like this in the future with some of our wedding activities. See ya next week!


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