An Astoria Valentine’s and John Mulaney

Tom and I love an excuse to make a day a little bit special. We feel it’s important in a relationship to do so every-once-in-a-while. We’ve been dealing with a lot of work stress lately (yes, we work together for those of you who don’t know) and we thought Valentine’s day was the perfect excuse to forget about our troubles even if it was just for a couple of hours.


Planning our Valentine’s dinner has always been Tom’s job. I let him surprise me each year. He usually tells me a day or two before because he likes when I get excited about a menu. This year he picked Vite Vinosteria in Astoria.


Vite Vinosteria had a prefix menu for the day of love featuring an appetizer sampler, one of three entrees and a dessert. We were immediately in love with the atmosphere of the restaurant, exposed brick, chalkboards, and of course wine. It had a cool relaxed vibe, but was still slightly elegant.


We began by ordering a 1/4 bottle of wine which yielded 1 1/2 glasses each. This was the most economical choice at about $17. Plus it was a week night so we weren’t planning on polishing off a whole bottle. That’s for friday nights at home!


The appetizer sampler that we were given featured beef carpaccio, tuna tartare, and a vegetable lasagna. Each one more more delicious then the next. Even though they are all contrasting flavors they some how found away to make each component work perfectly together. Tom’s favorite was the lasagna and much to both our surprise mine was the beef carpaccio with burrata (ok not so surprised there was cheese involved, but I LOVE tuna so much).


For my entree I ordered the halibut over a panzanella salad. The light butter fish paired so well with the tangy tomatoes and the garlic croutons in the salad. I ate every last bite.


Tom ordered the steak which was huge! We thought since it was a prefix meal the piece would be on the smaller size, but this was massive. I don’t even think the picture does it justice. It was cooked perfectly and he also enjoyed every single bite.


Dessert was a chocolate soufflé sliced in half and stuffed with a raspberry sauce. Chocolate and raspberry is a perfect combination and this dessert was delightfully balanced while still being incredibly decadent. You want decadence on Valentine’s Day. Our only complaint were the seeds. I wish they had run the sauce through a sieve first.


We decided to pass on gifts this year and instead treated ourselves to tickets to see John Mulaney at Radio City, but we had to wait almost a week to go.


Between Valentine’s Day and Mulaney we took Saturday to stop into a restaurant that’s been on our list for a while. Palermo is a cute Italian eatery near Astoria Park. It was snowing and we had a craving for pizza. We felt bad making someone deliver it to us. The pizza was really good! We love a pie topped with pepperoni and jalapeno.


The rest of the week dragged on and on. Then the weekend came and Tom had to continue working because a huge project was launching on Monday. The pizza I mentioned above was his one treat the whole weekend. Monday was a bit stressful too so I went and got us poke bowls to eat our desks to continue working up until it was time to cross the street for the show. We work in midtown Manhattan. It’s really convenient when going to shows or concerts after work.


The crowd outside Radio City was nuts. We waited on a long line that moved rather quickly. It was Tom’s first time inside Radio City so I wanted to take a moment to let me take it all in. It’s truly a spectacular sight.


Once in our seats we only waited a few minutes before the opening act began. Max Silvestri has a similar style and sense of humor as John Mulaney. His jokes about his wife or girlfriend seriously made us laugh out load.

John then brought out famed musician and composer Jon Brion. John tasked him with writing a theme song for Kid Gorgeous, but before we heard it he gave us a little concert of songs John Mulaney personally requested. We heard a lot of Prince.


Finally, the moment arrived when Kid Gorgeous himself took the stage. We were nervous that this might not be funny. A comedian can’t always hit a home run, but boy were we wrong. He had us laughing just as hard as he did with all his other comedy specials. Each joke was perfectly delivered. We heard that this will eventually hit Netflix so when it does definitely check it out. I’ll put some links below to YouTube videos of some of his older standup.


We had an incredible time and I’m so glad we passed on gifts to just spend some time together.

Click here for John Mulaney Videos. 

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