BBQ, Bootleggers, and a Bride

This is our weekend adventure from March 2nd and 3rd. It was a weekend full of food and a little wedding prep.

On March 2nd, our friend Jon came into the city to celebrate his birthday with us. It’s a bit of a journey for him so we wanted to make it worth his while. He suggested finally going to Mighty Quinns, a place we have all been dying to try since seeing it on Food Network.


Mighty Quinns has a few locations in the city, but we opted for the lower east side joint. It felt like it would be the perfect change of pace for us since we don’t get down there nearly as much as we want to.


From the moment you walk into Mighty Quinns you are hit with that sweet sweet smell of smoked meats. Our mouths were watering while we grabbed a table. Once Jon walked in I sent the boys up to order instructing Tom to surprise me.


You order at a counter where you can see all the goodies that await you. Tom selected brisket (my fav), brunt ends, mashed sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and pecans, and mac and cheese that clearly had a cornbread crust on top. Jon also ordered the brisket and the sweet potatoes with some beans.


Let’s break this food down for you. Everything was amazing! The brisket was melt in your mouth tender and the sprinkle of flakey sea salt on top just sent it over the edge. You didn’t even need BBQ sauce for it, but the sauce was very good.


The brunt ends were full of that smokey rich BBQ flavor. They had a good chew, but were still soft and incredible. This was our first time having the cult favorite and we were very pleased.


The side dishes were the perfect accompaniment to the meats. The sweet potatoes were sugary and the nuts added the perfect amount of texture. The mac and cheese was creamy and decadent. The cornbread topping was crispy and garlicky and literally sent it over the edge.


Everything was so good that I tried to capture myself eating it for you and let’s just say that did not turn out so great. I guess eating and selfies do not mix.  EEEKKK!


Moving on from BBQ, the boys needed a drink to wash down all that food. The speakeasy we planned to go to didn’t open for another hour so we stopped in what appeared to be a dive bar called Side B. It was actually a really cool place and they were playing Batman and Robin. Tom’s beer was also really good. It was our first time having Gangster Duck. It was rather hoppy red ale.


Once 6:00 rolled around we took Jon the the Blind Barber a speakeasy located in the back of a barber shop.


There we grabbed seats and order fun cocktails. Jon had the Whiksey Cola, Tom ordered the Savage Detective, and I had the Smoke and Dagger.


This place just has a really cool vibe and if you get there early enough it’s a great place to grab a seat and chill with your friends. Also, the speakeasy aspect is really awesome. After our round was over we bid Jon farewell until next time.


The next day we woke up early to meet our families in the city. I was going with the women of the group to get my wedding dress while Tom spent some time with my Dad and brother.


I’m happy to report my trip to BHLDN with our family and my maid of honor was successful. I said yes to the dress and we finished our weekends with burgers. It was all around a fantastic two days.


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  1. I am hungry just looking at all that food! YUM1 I love the family shot and am glad that you said. “Yes to the dress!


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