Honeymoon Annoucement

We are so excited to share with all of you our honeymoon location! This will be a short post since it’s still months away.

This is the Jersey Shore

When picking a location for our honeymoon we had a few requirements:

  1. Somewhere we have never been (No Disney for me).
  2. It has to be warm (our wedding is in November so Europe wouldn’t really have nice enough weather).
  3. A place we can go on adventures, but still relax later in the day with a cocktail.
  4. Amazing food and a brewery to visit.
Big Rive Brewery in Disney World

So where did we pick…..

This is Newport – not Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii!!!

This is Disney World – Not Hawaii

There are so many adventures to be had there, like hiking to volcanos and paddle boarding, while still being able to relax on a beach and by a pool. It’s the perfect location!

This is Disney World – Not Hawaii

Our friends Robert and Nicolette have already given so many awesome suggestions for our time there, but we want to hear from all of you as well! Have you ever been to Big Island? Where did you eat? What are the must sees?

This is Lake George – not Hawaii

We are super excited to start the next chapter in our lives together in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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