Anything Astoria

We love weekends at home with little to no plans. There is so much potential in those two days. On this weekend in particular, we planned to do a big clean and organize our rather messy desk. We also wanted to make time for Steph and Peter and our friend Erik.


Saturday began with Wawa coffee, TV watching, and a healthy homemade breakfast of egg white kale omelets, avocado toast, and fruit. After catching up on many of our shows from that week, we began our clean.


While cleaning was in progress I sent Tom out for a very nutritious lunch.. McDonald’s. It’s my favorite day of the year, Shamrock Shake Day! Everybody gets one, well if you’re us.


Once our shakes and burgers were consumed it was time to finish our cleaning and get ready for game night with Steph and Peter.


The plan was to consume a larger sushi party platter from Kumo on Ditmars in Astoria and play a few games. The sushi party platters from Kumo are awesome and actually very affordable.  It feeds a lot of people. It was the perfect treat for game night.


We opted for playing Say Anything. This game is for people that are not fans of Cards Against Humanity but what Apples to Apples to have a little more edge. It was a lot of fun we highly recommend it.


The next day after running errands at the Queens Center Mall we grabbed lunch from QWNS Cafe on 31st! This new healthier cafe is serving up some amazing eats!


Tom got the bison burger and I had an amazing grain bowl full of squash and topped with an awesome maple tahini.


A little while later we ventured into Long Island City to hit up Big Alice Brewery (one of our favs).  We were meeting one of our other favs our friend Erik.


It was a pretty quick visit, but that didn’t stop us from tasting several incredible beers. We tasted the Lemongrass Kolsch, Smoked Saison, Sweet Potato Farmhouse Ale, Queens Bridge IPA, Black and Blueberry Sour (rocked my socks by the way), Queens Honey Brown, and Date Night Bro.

Every beer was more amazing than the last. Big Alice is definitely in our top 5 favorite breweries of all time so please if you ever see them on tap give them a taste!


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