Brew Crew – Spring 2018

It’s that time of the year again… BREW CREW! This time the group met to sample a bunch of awesome spring beers so you know what to be drinking all season long.

Can you see the love in his eyes? He loves when I take pictures of him…

As always we started our evening at Artichoke Pizza for a large slice and a beer.


With full stomachs, we headed back to our apartment to taste the beers. We were all feeling a little stressed out from work so the night took a turn of just drinking, chatting, and not taking the best notes, but we still managed to come up with a flavor profile that sure to satisfy the craving we all have for actual spring weather. It has been way to cold this April.



For a spring beer you want something that packs a lot of flavor without being to heavy. You want to ease your way from the heavy dark beers of winter to the light and fresh beers of summer. We picked beers with a ton of hoppy fruit notes along with some tarter sours. These are all super drinkable without being overly light. We give each one two beers up!




BITS AND BOBS IPA by Reuben’s Brews: this beer has a different flavor profile each year and this year the IPA is just a little bit juicy with a lot of hops.

Liliko’i Kepolo by Avery Brewing: We were excited to try this beer because it has a Hawaiian theme (See honeymoon post). The smell of passionfruit really takes you away to a tropical island.

Melon Cart by Golden Road Brewing:  This beer really surprised us with it’s melon flavor. Usually melon beers taste like watermelon, but you really pick up the cantaloupe in each sip.

Pale Sour Ale by Ommegang: this is a super balanced sour ale with it’s tart flavor and sublte sweetness.

SeaQuench Ale by Dogfish: this beer was super popular among the group and I will definitely be buying myself a six pack. It packs a ton of flavor into it’s small can and is enjoyable down to the last drop.

Naranjito by Brooklyn Brewery: whenever I see this beer in the store I snatch up a six pack. The flavor is mildly hoppy with hints of orange. I personally cannot get enough.

Sam ’76 by Sam Adams: a new brew for Sam Adams that surprisingly packs a ton of flavor. It’s super drinkable and will be perfect for your first nice day outside.

 Sour Monkey by Victory: Another popular beer among brew crew this time around, Sour Monkey is super tart, high in alcohol, and just awesome.

Maibock by Devils Backbone: You will instantly pick up the bready and honey notes when you take a sip of this brew. It’s light and very tasty. Also, we love the goat on the label.

Swivelhead Red by Deschutes: this was probably the most unique beer we tasted. It has fruity and malty notes, but you will also notice that it tastes like iced tea. It’s really cool and so delicious.

Tropical Lover by SweetWater: I feel like Stefon (SNL reference), but this beer has it all. It has sour notes, tropical notes, and everything we love about warm weather beer. You really pickup on the guava with each sip.

We hope you pickup and try some of these beers. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Cheers!


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