Tom’s Birthday 2018

On the weekend of April 21st, we celebrated Tom’s birthday with food, beer, and amazing friends and family!

We started off our weekend with a nice dinner at Telly’s Taverna. I wanted us to have a little time just the 2 of us before all the celebrating began.

Telly’s is one of our favorite restaurants in Astoria. The food is incredibly fresh and the staff friendly and very attentive.


We began our meal with Nana’s Salad. It’s a finely chopped romaine with feta, dill, olives, and hot peppers. Every bite was salt and tart. We couldn’t stop eating it.


I promised Tom a steak for his birthday so he ordered the T-Bone. I went for the swordfish kebabs with a side of the irresistible lemon potatoes.


We both absolutely loved our meals. The portions are huge so be excited about leftovers.

The next day we had plans to meet a bunch of friends at Fifth Hammer Brewery in LIC. We decided the only way to fuel up for the occasion was to eat bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Those bagels had more cheese than anything else. It was fantastic.


Once at Fifth Hammer, we were overwhelmed with our beer options. Everything sounded so tasty! I started our day with Queens of the Kettle (dry-hopped tart ale) and Tom ordered the Cheerful Chinchilla.



When our friends started to arrive an intense game of Jenga began. At the same time, I confirmed I am terrible at Boggle. A game my best friend dominates at.


The rest of the day was spent sampling a lot of the beer selection, playing more games, and consuming tacos. Note: they don’t serve food there, but you can order takeout.


After a lot of people went home for the evening a few of us headed back to Astoria and over to The Strand. We wanted a large space to hang out in. It really is a great location to just hang out with your friends and enjoy a beer. Also, the BBQ is pretty good.


The next day Tom’s family came over for dinner and birthday cake. I made a family dish from my side called sticky chicken. It’s always a crowd pleaser and super easy to make.


I think all in all Tom had a great 29th Birthday. I better start planning now if I’m going to make his 30th the best one yet!



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