Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Back in September, something amazing happened! Our friend Peter was one of the lucky few who was able to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets and because he’s an amazing friend he got us tickets too.


Fast forward 8 months we went to the show! We got there a little early so we could explore the newly renovated theater. We snapped a couple of pictures which we will share because I don’t think they spoil anything.


We began with part 1 which lasted from 2:00 to 4:50(there’s an intermission). It was full of magic, charm, and surprises. We obviously want to keep all the secrets so just know it was absolutely incredible. We definitely recommend seeing both parts in 1 day because the cliffhanger is too much to bear.


Before part 2 we went to one of our favorite restaurants in midtown called Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. It’s a restaurant where you cook the food on a grill at the table. They run a happy hour at different times during the day and a lot of the food is discounted. It’s always very tasty.


Tom and I shared garlic fried rice, ribeye, and another kind of beef that I cannot remember. We also got some zucchini to be a little healthier. Oh! We also order the Tuna Volcano Crunch… it’s fried sushi rice topped with spicy tuna and it is incredible.


When we arrived for part 2 we were shocked by the surprise that awaited us (no spoilers). We quickly went to buy a beer and took a couple more pictures before taking our seats.


The second part was as amazing as the first. We enjoyed every minute. It lasted from 7:30 -10:00 (there is an intermission), but that time went by so quickly because we were so captivated with the show.


I was never a huge fan of this story because I feel as if it does not need to exist in the Harry Potter Universe and there are a few plot holes in it. However, the production is absolutely incredible! It was amazing seeing my favorite characters again and every little detail had me on the edge of my seat. Even Tom who only read a few books as a child and recently watched all the movies with me absolutely loved it. He’s no longer a muggle in my eyes.


I also wanted to leave you with a tip. Do NOT buy resale! I know it’s hard to get tickets, but we had really good seats. We could see the whole stage even though we were up high and each part was only $40 a ticket with fees all 6 hours of Harry Potter cost us $200. It is worth the wait for this price!

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