New Brewery: Mikkeller Citi Field

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided it was the perfect opportunity to check out the new Mikkeller Brewing location at Citi Field. The Mets had an away game so we knew it wouldn’t be too crowded. Check out the video below of our adventure.

Here’s a quick history on Mikkeller: The brewery began in Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded by a math and physics teacher who loved home brewing. They have created 1,000 different beers and have 32 locations worldwide including this one in Citi Field.


The brewery is huge and they have like 40 beers on tap that according to their Instagram account they clean the lines often. Which is great because I always get nervous of dirty lines when places have a ton on tap. We had a really hard time deciding what to drink because each beer sounded more incredible than the next.


For our first beers, we went for a MKEU HALLO Ich Bin Watermelon (Berliner-style Weisse w/ Watermelon) and MKNYC Henry Hops (IPA). I am a huge fan of sour beers. They are my absolute new favorite and when given the opportunity to try I new one I jump at the chance. I loved this Berliner Weisse! Tom loves a classic IPA and this was really smooth and drinkable. Both were refreshing beers perfect for a hot day.


To enjoy with our beers we picked two food items to share, fried pickles (a personal fav of mine) and beef bulgogi fries (sweet potato noodles, vegetables, mozzarella cheese). Both were very decadent, rich, and tasty! A great way to treat yourself on a day off.


For our final beers we decided to try the MKSD Streaking Through the Quad (NE Style Quadruple IPA) and the Solar Dust Desert Sun from Tired Hands Brewing Company (I didn’t realize that this wasn’t by Mikkeller at the time). Streaking Through the Quad is 12% and you can taste it. Tom ordered this and really enjoyed it, but it was actually not for me. If you want to try an IPA that will be very different than what you are used to this is definitely it. My Solar Dust Desert Sun was definitely for me. It was a smooth hoppy IPA and very enjoyable.

We definitely recommend checking out Mikkeller if and when you are in the area. The food and beers are awesome! Flushing has a lot of cool stuff to offer so it’s worth the trip. We recommend going when the Met’s have an away game to avoid the crowd. However, it is a very big space.


We left the brewery and drove back home to Astoria. Once there we decided to walk over the Singlecut for one final beer of the holiday weekend. Singlecut is so close to home and a tried and true favorite of ours. It was the perfect way to end our long weekend together.


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