Astoria Park: a Carnival and a Movie


It’s time for another Astoria Park date night! As you all know Tom and I love Astoria Park. It’s where we got engaged and our absolute favorite spot in Astoria. It’s a great place to just relax and hang out and it’s also an awesome place for events and activities!


The Astoria Park Alliance will be hosting loads of events this summer and we got to attend the first one; a movie in the park. They were showing Wonder Women! The carnival was also in town so we got to check out two really fun activities. Check out our video below of some of the highlights of our night.


On our way to the park, we stopped off at Souvlaki Lady for our dinner. This little food cart on 33rd and Ditmars is serving up hot and fresh meat sticks and platters full of fluffy rice and tasty salads. We both ordered a chicken stick platter ($6) and water. Her food is incredible and you must must must stop by and get something.


We arrived at the park about 2 hours before the movie. The crowd was already starting to form so we picked a good spot and ate our dinner. It was so nice being outside in our favorite place.


For a pre-movie surprise, Fogo Azul performed for the crowd. They are the only all-female Brazilian Drumline in NYC. They were so fierce and talented, a real treat to watch.


Before the movie began I was attacked by mosquitos. I was wearing long pants and long sleeves but they still managed to attack me. I was becoming so uncomfortable that we were only able to stay for a small portion of the movie. Tom and I decided we could get dessert quickly at the carnival and then rent the movie at home. Pro tip: Get bug spray before going! We will definitely be getting some for the next movie. I counted when we got home I had 8 bites.


We walked over to the carnival in pursuit of funnel cake, but when we got over there it was mobbed. We had our backpack chairs so there was no way we were going to make it through the crowd. We opted to stop at the ice cream truck instead.


On our walk home we enjoyed our ice cream and back home we relaxed before bed. Even with the bugs, it was still a great night!

The next movie will be Bambi on 7/26. You know we will be there!

Click here for more info on the Astoria Park Alliance.

Click here for Park Events Schedule.

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