What’s a Lobster Gram? I want one!

One Friday after work, Tom and I arrived home to large styrofoam box. We thought that this couldn’t possibly be for us, but Tom’s name was on it. We brought it inside quickly because it said fresh lobster on it. Who could this be from? Are there live lobsters in there? Everything was answered upon opening the box. It was a Lobster Gram from our friend Jon with frozen fresh seafood and steaks. He moved away earlier in the week and got us a going away present.


The box contained two lobster tails, 2 beef filets, New England clam chowder, and crab cakes. There was enough food in there for 2 maybe 3 whole meals!


Fast forward to Saturday, it was time to have our feast! We began our evening with a cheese plate we created from cheeses we purchased at Astoria Bier and Cheese. We picked up meat and crackers from the new organic market that opened up Food Story (Astoria residents they have great cheap produce).


The cheeses we selected were a very mild porter cheddar and Casatica Di Bufala which was a brie-style cheese made with buffalos milk. It was our favorite of the two and paired incredibly well with a hot honey.


We also opened an incredible bottle of North by Northwest that my aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas. This is a wine my family discovered at Artist Point in Disney World. It is absolutely delicious.


After enjoying our cheese and a glass of wine we started to make dinner. Neither one of us had ever made lobster before, but thanks to the internet it didn’t seem that hard.

We roasted the lobster in a lemon paprika butter and seared the steaks in a pan. I also quickly whipped up some mashed potatoes (that never come out as good as my Nanny’s).


The toughest part of the night was the heat in our apartment. We were hot sweaty messes by the time we sat down to eat. We did enjoy wearing out lobster bibs though.



Dinner was fantastic and it was really nice having a picnic in our living room. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the combo of lemon, butter, and paprika was incredible. We finished the wine and then got ready to celebrate a friend’s birthday in the city.  As you can see below from the picture we clean up nicely even after being hot messes.


The following Monday we enjoyed the rest of the food we received. The clam chowder is so good! I may order it for us as a treat some time.

Lobster Gram is really awesome! The quality of the food is incredible. It’s a little expensive, but such a nice gift to give to someone you care about. We are so lucky to have a friend like Jon and we cannot wait to go visit him in Vegas next year!

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