Brew Crew Summer 2018

I have been a bit under the weather lately so summer Brew Crew did not go the way I had planned. We wanted to do something different. Taste only a few beers to review and then hunker down outside at a local bar serving up more craft beer, but we decided to keep it our usual routine because we all had to work late and I haven’t been feeling well.


As always we kicked off the night at artichoke pizza. I opted for a crab slice which is one of my favorites, but I never order it because it’s super rich. It had been a rough day at work so I definitely deserved a slice covered in cream and shellfish. Tom went for a meatball pepperoni slice which seems to be a new addition to the menu. You could only do one or the other before.

Back at the apartment, we began tasting the beers. The theme for this summer seems to be super light and refreshing beers or IPAs which are always on trend. We recommend drinking all of these on a super hot day while relaxing by a pool and/or on the beach!

So here’s a list of beers you can guarantee we will be drinking this summer and two we definitely will not be drinking. It’s a Brew Crew first we had 2 beers we really did not like.


  1. Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale: This beer is perfect for a muggy summer night. It’s cool crisp with a little bit hops and a malty kick.
  2. Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA: This is a beer for a good cause! Grab one of these perfect IPAs (which I don’t say lightly) and help keep our oceans clean. Heal the Bay is the perfect balance of hops and malt. We love it!
  3. Sweet Water Twisted Fish: We have another beer for a good cause! This light and crisp pilsner benefit sustainable fisheries. This beer was made for summer by the lake.
  4. pFriem Saison: This is a light, but aged saison with definite fruit notes to wake up that summer palette.
  5. pFriem Jammy Pale Ale: While we did not pick up a lot of fruit forward flavors this beer is still light, drinkable, and very summery.
  6. Full Sail Citrus Maxima Pale Ale: You will definitely taste orange zest mixed perfectly with a piney hoppy flavor when drinking this light beer.
  7.  Full Sail Airstream IPA: This brew is a pretty basic IPA. We were really excited when it said unfiltered, but nothing about this beer is unfiltered. The flavors are pretty dull and it’s not at all cloudy. Drink it if you’re looking for a light IPA.
  8. Wild Ride Hidden Trail Blood Orange Pale Ale: This beer was awful The artificial orange flavor was not pleasant. Drink at your own risk. We hate giving a bad review, but it’s just not good.

Thanks for catching up with what Brew Crew will and won’t be drinking this summer. Sorry, my notes are a little lackluster like I said I’ve been dealing with being sick for some time. Come back in the fall for some more brew crew action! See ya next week with a new blog post!


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