Scotch Scotch Scotchy Scotch

A couple of week’s ago Tom and I were invited to attend an event hosted by Macallan to help bring in a new era of the distillery. The event included cocktails, passed horderves, and a totally immersive experience to take us to Scotland. This is not a sponsored post, but it was a gifted event.


We began our journey through the scotch’s history in a bar setup like a speakeasy. There was dim lighting, leather couches, and a piano player. The coat check provided you a scotch if you rang the bell twice. During this part of the evening, we enjoyed small appetizers, some interesting scotch cocktails, and a brief history of the brand.

When we first arrived we decided to check out the Macallan timeline because no one was over there. We slowly read over the history of the distillery. Little did we know we were in the perfect location to eat. This is where all the food came out before heading into the crowd. We scored big!

The appetizer featured little bites of Scotland. We had mini Beef Wellington, Scotch Eggs, Smoked Trout on a Potato Pancake (our fav, it was incredible), and Welsh Rarebit just to name a few.


As I’ve mentioned recently in the previous posts I’m not currently drinking while I get over being sick, but I didn’t mind accompanying Tom and our friends to the bar. The first cocktail Tom ordered was a take on an old fashion


As the boys enjoyed their drinks we just hung out and explored the space. After a little bit of time, one of the event coordinators asked us if we had been to the other room. We looked at her confused and then followed to reveal a more modern looking space.




This space was meant to bring us one step closer to the future of Macallan. Here they were using a double cask scotch to create modern and unique mixed drinks. Tom opted for a maple old fashion and then selected herbs to pair with it. He picked tyme for the fresh lemony taste. I took a small sip and it was incredible.

We also experienced trendier appetizers in this room like a scotch glazed bacon, smoked salmon with a scotch infused butter, and a caviar ring.


One more time we were whisked away by a coordinator this time to experience the new Macallan Distillery in Scotland. They made Tom ditch his drink before heading in, but they made up for it with a tasting of the new Series 4. I am not much of a scotch drinker, but I wet my lips with it and the rich caramel taste was really delicious. Tom also said he enjoyed it and if he likes it I know it’s good.

The tour began obviously with the scotch tasting and then we were brought into a giant room with a large white cube. This cube was our ticket to Scotland. It was a virtual reality tour of the new Macallan Distillery. Our guide took us through the history of the brand and the whole scotch making process. It felt like we were flying over Scotland. It was really cool.

After our tour, we were once again taken to another location. This time we were in a fancy ballroom type space. There were different cocktails available more Scottish foods and even more interesting things to looks at.

Tom opted for a whiskey sour-style drink as I stuffed my face with more smoked fish. Sorry not sorry it was really good! There was a table full of all sorts of foods they were smoking right there in front of us like oysters and lamb chops.

There was a step and repeat board where we tried to take some pictures, but rude guests edged us out while we were snapping our pictures. A lot of people at the event seemed stuck-up.

This event was totally awesome! The food and drinks were amazing and I’m so glad my scotch loving fiance got to experience it. Thank you to Macallan for having us!

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