Jersey Shore Beach Day

The title of this post is Jersey Shore Beach Day, but it should be Jersey Shore Rain Day or Jersey Shore Sick Day. It’s not a very exciting post, but we love the beach so much that I wanted to share even our small amount of time there. With the way this summer is going odds are we won’t be back until next year.


We got up early and drove to Wawa for our coffee and then back in the car until we hit Ortley. The plan was to relax on the beach until we got hungry and then see where the day takes us.


We spent about 2 hours on the rather cold and windy beach. It was so windy that that sand was blowing up the beach and hitting us in the legs. We didn’t even bother going near the water. We sat, talked a little, and I read my book.

Currently Reading this Younger (TV Land Show) book that runs parallel to the show. It’s a little slow, but I’m enjoying it.


Around 12:30 we went over to the Sawmill for lunch. I currently have to watch what I eat for health reasons so instead of getting one the amazing giant slices of pizza I opted for a dry turkey burger. It was a sad meal, but Tom got to have pizza. He was disappointed in the size of the slice… so much smaller than the slices normally are.


After lunch, we stopped by the house where Tom’s sister is staying at and then called it a day because a massive storm was about to start and I wasn’t feeling my best.


I hope we will get to go down the shore one more day this year, but if not the next time we hit the beach it will be in Hawaii!


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