Supporting Astoria Park with Beer

As most of you know we LOVE Astoria Park. It’s our favorite place to just hang out not to mention we got engaged there. Did you know that there is a hardworking group of people who help to keep the park as awesome as it is? You didn’t?! Well, we here to tell you about them.


The Astoria Park Alliance works hard year round to make the park one of the best places in Astoria. When they invited us to their fundraiser we jumped at the chance to help support the park we love and the incredible people who take care of it.


The fundraiser took place at one of our other favorite places in Astoria Singlecut Brewery. There was beer, there were raffles, there was coloring, there was a cornhole competition, and there were really cool people to meet in the neighborhood.


We started the night off by entering 2 of the raffles. Tom wanted to enter the camping raffle and I wanted the food and wine raffle so we split our tickets.


We then headed over to the bar to get Tom a beer and something to eat. Singlecut always has a routing kitchen full of pop-up restaurants.


As always the beer was incredible! Tom opted for a classic 1933 Pilsner. It’s so clean and crisp tasting you cannot go wrong. The current pop-up kitchen is Phether Events. They are serving up dumplings and steamed buns for around $7-$9. We both opted for buns and we were terribly disappointed. Tom got the pork belly and I had the soy chicken. Both buns were very soggy and wet. They fell apart so easily. I thought my chicken had good flavor, but Tom’s pork did not. Sorry, Singlecut we still love you!


After eating, we decided to mingle with the other guests and color in the mural. We really enjoyed the company of our fellow park lovers. Tom ordered his second beer for our wondering. He opted for the Are, You Ready Steve? A Fruity IPA that packs a lot of punch. It’s also incredible so incredible that we brought home cans.


At the end of the night, they did the raffle drawing and guess what we won? The camping set! Even though it’s not the most practical we are super excited to go camping next year. Those blog posts should be cool.


It was a really fun night! Thanks for having us Astoria Park Alliance!

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