My 30th Birthday

It happened.. I am 30 and while there are tons of expectations that come with that age I do not feel any different. The only difference on that day was how absolutely special Tom made me feel, but he does that every day anyway.


On Friday night Tom made reservations at Trattoria L’incontro for dinner. This is an upscale Italian eatery on 31st Ave. that we have been eyeing for a special occasion for some time. Tom thought this was the perfect excuse and I couldn’t agree more. It has a pretty relaxed look on the inside, but the service makes it grand and romantic.


The meal began with bread service that ended up being pizza crust… you heard that right… PIZZA CRUST. It had a sundried tomato spread and it was delicious. I could have had that and a salad and been happy.


We both ordered the Arugula Salad to start with pears and gorgonzola. It was huge and definitely could have been shared. It was both light and flavorful.


We both opted for pasta for dinner because we love it! Tom had the Rigatoni Al Ragu Di VitelloΒ (Homemade pasta with ground veal and pancetta in tomato sauce) and I had the Mezza Luna (Half moon shaped ravioli stuffed with mascarpone cheese and pesto with asparagus, brandy, and chopped walnut sauce).


Homemade pasta makes a world of difference. It elevates an already incredible dish to a new level.Β  Both of our entrees were full of incredible flavor. They were both rich and delicate at the same time. We highly recommend. After dinner, we went home and watched Like Father on Netflix and went to bed. Tom had a big day planned for Saturday.


On Saturday, we started our day with a movie. Tom took me to see Christopher Robin and it was wonderful. It is such a happy movie and it will most definitely brighten your day.



Once the movie was over we hopped a Lyft into the city. We had lunch reservations with some friends at Claw Daddy for Claw Feast. Claw Feast is where they dump crawfish, clams, crab legs, corn, sausage, corn, and potatoes right on to the table and you dig in. Unfortunately, we got a text during the movie that they did not have any crawfish that day, but that works out in our favor.


Once our entire party arrived we were sat. (Note: they have a very strict reservation policy so definitely call ahead for all the details and ask questions). Once seated we ordered our adult capris suns. They are known for making their cocktails in a bag just like the childhood drink.


My cocktail was called Just a Dream (soju, mint, fresh pineapple juice, lime, coconut puree). It was tropical and refreshing.


Once our cocktails were in hand it was time to order. We were told to make a reservation at least 4 people in the party had to do claw feast which I explained above, but once seated they said everyone has to participate. It costs $35 a person and not everyone wanted to spend that. They told us if they do not participate then they must buy at least $35 worth of food. This was news to us and after talking to our server were able to change that policy, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when going there.


After the small drama was worked out and our orders were in they came over with buckets of seafood and dumped them onto the table. I was in heaven!


We ate and ate until we could not eat anymore. The quality of the seafood was incredible and because there were no crawfish we definitely got extra crab legs which are my favorite!



Once we were finished, we decided to explore the LES for a bit. We stopped in a bar so people could grab a quick drink until I decided it was time for ice cream.


On our way to Claw Daddy, I had spotted Odd Fellows which is an ice cream chain here in the city that has some wacky flavors. I have been following them on Instagram for years just waiting to sample some of their creamy goodness.


First, I asked to try the Ricotta Plum & Thyme. It was both sweet and savory. I really enjoyed it, but not what I was in the mood for. I opted for a double scoop. The first was Sprinkles (kind of life birthday cake) and the second Coconut Caramel Chip (coconut ice cream with chocolate chips and caramel). Both flavors really satisfied my sweet tooth.Β  Tom had the Caramel Chocolate Toffee.


If you are like my best friend Steph and you love sweets and cannot decide on a flavor then you are in luck because Odd Fellows offers flights. They tried 6 different flavors with mini scoops.


Outside of Odd Fellows, I discovered a not so hidden Mickey where I needed to take a picture.


Once ice cream was over the group became a little smaller. We decided to go hang out at BBar. It was early enough in the day that we got some couches and we just hang out.


A little later on we went over to their taco window for tacos and just enjoyed the nice weather. It was the perfect birthday celebration. I feel so loved.


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