Dancing through Socrates Park and a Dinner

A couple weeks ago our friends Steph and Peter invited us to Socrates Park to see their friend dance at a festival. We hadn’t been to the sculpture park in some time so we were excited to check it out again.


It was an ungodly hot Sunday afternoon, but the breeze off the water felt nice. Upon arriving we found out that dancing would take us throughout the park in an immersive show teaching us that dance knows no boundaries. It’s was the perfect display of moving art for this park.


It began with a series of soft movements performed by dancers in deer masks and then slowly moved into a solo performance by a girl down near the water. A group of dancers soon joined her.



Next, we moved on to a man and woman dancing passionately together while another man played different instruments.


The final performance we watched was full of so much energy, but we were too hot to fully appreciate how awesome it was. These girls could really move.


We had to leave shortly after because we were meeting my parents in NJ for my 30th birthday dinner. We were also so hot and uncomfortable. Always bring sunscreen and water to these things!


Once in NJ, we enjoyed an incredible Italian meal at Savini in Allendale.  The meal began with a bottle of wine and bread service that came with chunks of parmesan cheese and olives. My birthday really just was  a series of incredible free breads.

Next, came the salad course. My mom and I shared the Savini salad which my Dad also ordered. It has arugula, mushrooms, peppers, and heart of palm. Tom opted for a Caesar.

For our entrees, my mom and I shared again. We had the special pasta which was linguini with lobster, crab, shrimp, and scallops. My dad also ordered this dish. We loved it. Nothing better than a red sauce with briny seafood… I’m drooling as I type it. Tom had the gnocchi with a tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese.


I, of course, had to have dessert. My all time favorite is tiramisu and if I see it on a menu I cannot resist. The lady fingers were perfectly soaked and it was sweet and delicious. It was the perfect way to end my birthday weekend. I am so blessed to have such wonderful loving people in my life.

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