Trying Trendy Treats of Astoria

When it comes to trendy treats Astoria has been really making a splash and because we are not crazy enough to wait on a long line for cookies we have gone without tasting these delectable treats..until now!

Tom had to take a day off from work for an appointment and on his way home he hit up both Chip and Ample Hill. For those of you who don’t know Chip is a very popular cookie place in Astoria and Ample Hill makes ice cream.


Let’s start with Chip! Tom picked out two cookies for us to try. The first was the Classic Chocolate Chip and the second was the Sea Salt Nutella. The real draw of Chip cookies is the gooey center when you take a bite.

The chocolate chip cookie was full of chocolate chips, delivered on the gooey center, and was a dense delectable treat. We would most definitely get it again. It’s close to being a perfect cookie.

While we both liked the Sea Salt Nutella it was a little dry except for a large dollop of the chocolate hazelnut spread in the center. We would probably try a different cookie if we went back and we will be back.

Next up Ample Hill! This wasn’t my first time trying this incredible small batch ice cream, but it was Tom’s. I also want to take a moment to mention you can get Ample Hill in Disney World now…

The first ice cream we tried was the Snap, Mallow, Pop. It’s a fun play on Rice Crispy Treats and was full of sugary sweet marshmallow flavor. It even had crispy pieces of the famous cereal throughout giving it a nice crunch and texture. It was very good but so sweet that we could only have a little bit at a time.


Tom also purchased Peppermint Pattie because our favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip and this seemed like a fun twist. It is full of the minty candy and what seems to be a sweet cream or vanilla ice cream, but there’s so much candy we couldn’t pick out the other flavors. Tom liked it but thought the Peppermint Pattie cream was a little overpowering. I, on the other hand, liked this one the best.

Last, but not least we have Sugar and Water! This new Donut shop opened up dangerously close to us and it features donuts we’ve actually talked about before. Scottish Francis used to create his doughy treats for Gossip Coffee on 30th Ave. He decided to branch out and start his bakery. One rainy Saturday morning Tom and I got up for coffee and donuts and this is what we tried.


I opted for a classic donut with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. My thought was if you can do this simple creation right all your donuts will be amazing. It did not disappoint. The donut was soft and the frosting sweet. It went so well with breakfast blend coffee I ordered.


Tom wanted to be a little more adventurous and he ordered the Tiffany’s Dossant. A light as air and sugary sweet croissant donut. It had an incredibly chewy texture with a soft sweet middle. We loved it.

We hoped you enjoyed this round of trendy Astoria treats. We will definitely be doing a round two soon!


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