My Bachelorette Party: Newport Day 2

Day two I woke up bright and early! Since Kelly is my cousin and we were sharing a room like we did in college she was up too. We decided to quickly get ready and buy the girls coffee.


After a quick breakfast, it was time to head to the Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is a 3.5-mile walk along the shoreline. It’s beautiful and so much fun with lots to explore.



As we walked along we took loads of pictures and shared stories. I even took a video so you can come along with us. It’s below.

My favorite part of the walk is all the cool caves. I also love going off the path and climbing up all the rocks. I’m like a little kid. Kelly and I have always been into rock scrambling so we made the girls climb onto a huge rock for pictures. We had a blast.





You can also get a glimpse of all the mansions along the walk. They’re an incredible site to see. Though not my taste I am always in awe of them.


When we were finished with our walk it was time for the beach! It was my first time on a Rhode Island beach so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m a Jersey Shore girl after all. We picked Easton’s Beach for this part of the adventure. I’ve heard that this beach can have an odor at times, but we were lucky that did not happen. Just something to keep in mind because I like most people have trouble with bad smells, but I’m a bit extra about it.


The sand was very different on a Newport beach. It’s almost like mud and reminded me a lot of lake sand. When I was a kid I called it ooey, gooey, yucky, mucky, sand (very clever I know).


It was low tide so the ocean was very calm and since it was nearing the end of summer the water was incredibly warm. It was a beautiful day to be at the beach.


Our first order of business was to get lobster rolls. My plan that day was to eat my weight in seafood. At the snack bar on this beach, you can order twin lobster rolls for $16.87! That’s right people two perfect lobster rolls for less than $20. Oh, and they come with fries! They were everything I had been dreaming of that day. Drooling while writing this!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach. We listened to music and I read a little bit of my book. Some of the girls went swimming and we took some pictures together. You know basic things bachelorette parties do!


Back at the AirBnB it was time for six girls to all shower and get ready with 1 bathroom. We seemed to have a valid plan of attack until the shower broke. The bathroom was very old and we all struggled with turning the hot water and after a lot of fighting with it, the knob came out of the wall.


Long story short we battled with it and lost. The owner told us to leave it running and someone would come to fix it. Two girls were clean and the other four had to shower in the water shooting from the wall. It was extremely comical.

Before dinner, it was time for another photo shoot. I’m really enjoying the practice for our wedding day because I don’t take great photos. It was time for me to pose with my best friends by our yachts.


For dinner, we had a reservation at The Mooring. It’s a very nice seafood restaurant down on the Wharf. I love a dinner that requires a nice outfit. We were a bit early for our reservation so we grabbed a drink at the bar courtesy of my friend Sara who couldn’t come that weekend (have I mentioned that I love my friends yet because I’m going to say it a million more times).


Shortly after ordering we were seated. At the table my wonderful friends presented me with an Alex and Ani bracelet to commemorate the weekend and then suggested the ultimate gift… they wanted to order a seafood tower! You probably don’t know this, but I have always wanted to get one. I mention to Tom all the time that we need to do it for a special occasion so when Nicolette suggested it I jumped at the chance.

After consuming more lobster I opted for the swordfish (coriander crusted swordfish, arugula, fennel, citrus supremes, castelvetrano olives, red bliss potato, orange-whole grain mustard vinaigrette) for dinner but also wanted the Cod (native littleneck clams, yukon potatoes, green olives, tomato, chourico, vinho verde, olive oil, focaccia) so Milissa suggested we share so I could try both. It was awesome.


When it came time for dessert I felt way too full until Steph and Becca suggested we share. We ordered the Rhubarb brown sugar tart (my favorite of the two) and the Take Five Pie (a peanut butter chocolate gluten-free delight). All the food was incredible and my friends feed me well.

To work off all this food we decided to go dancing down at Dockside. There was an incredible cover band playing songs from the 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s. It was just two guys with a guitar and electric drumset. They were hilarious and very talented.

We made the trek back to our apartment in high heels a little while later, but not before stopping for fudge on the way. Off to sleep we went ready for shopping and brunch in the morning.


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