PSA: Great Wine and Cheese in Midtown

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a very important public service announcement, I have found incredible wine and cheese in midtown Manhattan!


A little over a month ago my girlfriends at work threw me a little get together to celebrate my upcoming marriage. It was truly very sweet and thoughtful. For the occasion, they selected¬†Caselulla on west 52nd street in Hells Kitchen. I had never heard of it before but it’s cheese full menu had me very excited.


We began with a bottle of Upwell Cabernet Sauvignon and then ordered the cheese truffles. The truffles were little cheese balls with different fillings. One was a goat cheese beet, the other was a cheddar with bacon jam, and the last was a mild cheese with smoked salmon. Each one was more delicious than the next.


Once our truffles were consumed we did the cheesemongers plate. You get 6 kinds of cheese for the price of 5 as long as you allow her to pick your cheese. This is not only a great value, but it also gives you the best cheeses and pairings.


I really wish I could remember all the cheese and pairings we had because they were incredible. There was a mild soft cow’s milk cheese like ricotta paired with a passion fruit puree. We also had a cheese with a Macallan washed rind. The one that stood out the most was the blue cheese paired with a brown sugar fudge. It was such a flavor explosion.


We were finally seated a little while later (this place is very small something to keep in mind). Once seated it was time for more wine, more cheese, and we had to throw some meats into the mix.


Our second plate of cheese featured a couple of the same cheeses from before but also had a moldy cheese (can’t remember the type) paired with a Chinese five spice popcorn. It was mind-blowingly good!


Our meat plate had most of the usual suspects like a mortadella and pate, but also featured a super crispy and tasty chorizo.


Not only was everything delicious, but it was a unique cheese experience and the staff was very friendly. If you’re looking for a great date night spot or a place to go with your girlfriends this is it!

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