Tom’s Bachelor Party: Philly

The time had come for Tom to venture to Philadelphia for his bachelor party. While I’m sure this would be better told by him he’s going to let me share his experience with you.


On a Friday afternoon, Tom and our friend Sal got into our car and drove from Astoria to Philly. They were meeting a bunch of Tom’s friends at an Airbnb.


The first night they went out for Tex-Mex before hanging out back at the Airbnb. It appears as if our friend Sal had some art hanging in the restaurant so Tom snapped a picture of it. This, of course, is an inside joke, but maybe one day we will share his napkin art with you.


The next day they planned on going on a craft beer tour of the city and then out later that night.



The tour was run by a company called City Brew Tours and they took them around to 4 different breweries in Philly. The tour supplies you with a guide that drives you around to the breweries. It was both interesting and a lot of fun. The guys highly recommend it if you are in Philly.

They sampled beers from St. Benjamins,  Love city, Roy Pitz Barrel House, and Evil Genius.


Little did they know that the tour would also show them many of the cats of the city. This was much to the excitement of our friend Sal who enjoys cats more than beer.

Later that night they went to Spruce Street Harbor for Crab Fries from Chickie’s and Pete’s and some drinks. Crab Fries are awesome and are a staple in the Philly area. They are basically seasoned with old bay and come with a cheese dipping sauce. You really can’t go wrong with that.


Once they were finished there they headed to Independence Beer Garden and finally a Barcade to close out the night.


The next day Tom drove back to Astoria, but not before leaving his mark in Philly. He wrote our wedding date on the wall of a Brewery bathroom.


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