My Bridal Shower

Recently, my wonderful family and friends threw me a bridal shower. The theme was a tea party complete with tea sandwiches and what were supposed to be petit fours, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.


The shower was not a surprise at my request because I just cannot handle things like that. I used to cry when people sang happy birthday to other people. I’m a mess.



Each table was set up with teacups from different sets that belong to family and friends. I especially loved that my Grandma and Nanny’s sets were there. It made it feel like they were present. 

The party began with tea and lunch. My Godson Eamon made most of the sandwiches (he’s 14).  There were cucumber, herb butter, and shrimp, ham and apple butter, turkey with a jam, and a classic cucumber sandwich. They were so pretty and delicious.



We then moved on to a couple of games. We started with a guess their age game. It was a large board with black and white photos of Tom and me from all different points in our lives. My cousin Aislinn put this together and it was a lot of fun. I love looking at old pictures. Next, Steph and Nicolette put together a quiz about our relationships with questions like who is our favorite comedian, our favorite guilty pleasure TV show, and what was my best event in skiing?



After our games, it was time for dessert. My mom ordered little petit four cakes from a local bakery. I love the classic ones with pretty colored frosting. They are so yummy, but what came were mini fruit tarts. I’m not a fruity dessert person, but other people seemed to like them. My sister-in-law brought macaroons so that saved the day. 


I also requested a green shower so the gifts were not wrapped and were simply left on display so there were no awkward 3 hours of gift opening and we saved a few trees. My mom also asked each person to bring a recipe for me because I love to cook.


We did, however, have to keep my favorite tradition of creating a hat with all the ribbon and bows. Just like I did for her 6 years ago Kelly made my hat. 

The rest of the time was spent mingling and taking pictures. I wanted the shower to be simple and relaxed. It was so nice to have all the women that I love and inspire me in one place. 

Thank you, everyone, who made this day extra special. It meant so much to me! 


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