Final Bit of Wedding Prep

For Tom and I wedding planning seemed like a breeze. We picked the first venue we saw, booked the photographer, booked the band, blocked the hotel rooms, and figured out the transportation all within a couple of months of picking our date. We thought we were well ahead of the game, but most things are so last minute that you are left scrambling no matter how prepared you are. Here I will outline just a few of the last minute things we planned out. A lot of this took place over the final 2 months and last couple of days. 

Makeup Trial: 

The day of my shower I had my makeup trial and a blowout. I was looking forward to this bit of prep the most. I love makeup and learning about different products that work for me. I had my trial done at Ulta by a wonderful woman named Stephanie. We had so much fun talking makeup and she did such a great job! 

Hair Trial: 

Two weeks before the wedding I had my hair trial. I also went to Ulta for this.  I started the long day of hair by getting my color done. My girl Casey does an incredible job with my hair. Next, was the trail. I was a little bit nervous about this because I don’t ever do fancy updos.  I knew I wanted some sort of braid in the front with no pieces falling out. I gave her free range with the back just saying I wanted something soft and fun. This was a mistake! I left feeling like I looked like a woodland princess. It was just not me at all. I should have spoken up, but I was afraid. I did say something the day of the wedding and though she seemed put off, my hair did come out perfectly. 

Table Arrangements and Favors: 

The same weekend as my hair trial we had to finalize where everyone would sit and put together our favors. If we didn’t mention it already our wedding had a bit of a brewery theme.  As you know we love craft beer and going to different breweries throughout our adventures it seemed like the perfect theme. One of the ways we incorporated the theme was with table names and the favors. Our tables were named after some of the breweries we have been to. For example, our table was Singlecut and some of our friends were at Yards.

Our favors were personalized beer mugs that also acted like the guest’s table cards. Each mug had a chalkboard label with the person’s name and a tag tied to it with what brewery they were sitting at. 

Everything Else: 

I wish I could say with two weeks left that was all we had to do, but it wasn’t. We had to finish the programs and roll them into scrolls with twine. We had to get last minute frames for some of the signs. It was very difficult coordinating with our venue to do last minute things or to even ask questions. We did love the space where we got married, but they were not very accommodating until we pushed them. We had to have phone calls with the band and the photographer. It was a crazy time all while we still went to work every day. However, everything came together in the end and it was a wonderful day. Stay tuned because our wedding posts are coming in 2 weeks! 


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