Christmas in Astoria

Welcome to Christmas in Astoria! We wanted to give you a little holiday update of what we’ve been doing all month. It’s been pretty quiet at home because work has been so busy, but we did manage to fit in a little Christmas cheer.

Picking out the perfect Tree

At the beginning of the month we went to Greg’s Trees outside the Bohemian Beer Garden with Steph and Peter. It took me all of 2 seconds to find the perfect tree just under 5 feet tall. I held on to it for dear life because I could tell other people had their eye on it.

Steph wanted something a bit smaller, but with a similar shape and after digging through a few trees she found such a cutie! I’d say we had a rather successful trip.

Astoria Park Tree Lighting

That same night the 4 of us went over to the park to watch the new tree get lit. The tiny tree sparkles and shines so brightly. It was nice feeling a part of the community we love so much.

Dinner at Macoletta

After the tree lighting, we walked over to Macoletta. It’s a new pizza place in town and it does not disappoint. It was perfectly decorated for Christmas and they crank out hot Neapolitan pies sure to please any pizza lover. We’re definitely fans!

Tom and I ordered Napolitana (Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Anchovy, Capers, Parsley, Basil) and the Nancy (Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Smoked Shallots, Figs). The cheese combo on the nancy was creamy and tangy perfection. Both pizza were very tasty, but the first was little too salty for us and we wished the second had more of a fig spread rather than fresh figs.

The first time we ate here we got takeout and it was awesome! We definitely recommend the Algerino (Lamb Sausage, Smoked Shallots, Fontina, Roasted Tomatoes, Oregano) which Steph and Peter got.

Decorating our Tree

We said goodbye to Steph and Peter and went home. It was time to put on Elf, pour some eggnog, and decorate our tree. It was an excellent day and night.

Christmas Shopping at the Queens Center Mall

Ever since we moved to Astoria to has become a tradition to do a little Christmas shopping at the Queens Center Mall. While there we have our traditional Shake Shack lunch. What’s not to love!

Our Dating Anniversary

December is the month when we became an official couple. Dating at Christmas time felt like a Hallmark movie to me. We love celebrating our relationship around the holidays. Now that we are married we kept it simple this year. We went around to all our favorite local stores like Lockwoods, Brass Owl, and Inside Astoria.

After shopping, we went over to Butcher Bar for lunch. People either love or hate this place online. We are definitely lovers. The ribs are melt in your mouth tender and do not get me started on the burnt ends. They are literally meat candy! It was so so good!

Back at home, we relaxed for a little bit and then I made one of our Home Chef meals for dinner, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Spaghetti. A big bowl of spaghetti and Jingle All the Way are the perfect way to close out an anniversary.

Office Holiday Party

It’s been a long and interesting year at work. We’ve been so so busy all while planning our wedding. It was nice to have a night out with all our co-workers to celebrate Christmas and job well done in 2018.

Christmas Brew Crew

Of course, we had to have the gang over to sample some festive beers. As usual we stopped over at Artichoke first for huge and rich slices of pizza to fill us up.

This year we didn’t take note and we just enjoyed each others company. It was nice just relaxing with friends, the Christmas tree lit and Bing Crosby and Run DMC on Spotify while drinking holiday beers.

We do have a few recommendations for you just in case you are looking for a brew to have on Christmas day.

  1. Anchor Christmas
  2. Reuben’s Brews Holiday Gose
  3. Southern Tier 2Xmas
  4. Dark Horse 4 Elf
  5. Port City Tidings
  6. Troeg’s Mad Elf

Christmas Bad Movie Night

It’s been a while since Steph and Peter hosted a bad movie night so we were very excited to head over there after work for a bad movie filled with the Christmas spirit or the spirit of Albert Einstein… if you’ve ever seen The Nutcracker in 3D which was later renamed The Nutcracker: The Untold Story then you would totally get that joke. This movie was full of bad lyric heavy songs to the music of the Nutcracker. It was laughably bad and we enjoyed every minute with our friends.

The Freshest Pasta in Astoria

For the last 3 years living in Astoria we have walked by Cassinelli Food Products where they make fresh pasta. Each time we pass it we both say we need to try the pasta and we finally did! Tom had to run a few errands so he decided to pop in a buy a bag of noodles. I was then tasked to me to make my special sauce to have with them.

My sauce is really simple and one day I will share the recipe but for now, it’s a sausage meat sauce that I let simmer for as long as possible to develop a nice rich flavor.

The pasta was incredible. The noodles were both soft and chewy and the flavor was light and eggy. It only cost $4 for the whole bag and we got two meals out of it. Totally worth it for fresh incredible pasta.

We ate our pasta while watching all the Christmas episodes of the office and drinking more Christmas beer.

So that’s what we’ve been up to all month! It was nice just being home, relaxing, eating, and spending time with friends.

PS. We were supposed to go to a benefit for the Astoria Park Alliance at the Freckled Moose, but I hurt my neck and was unable to attend. I’m doing much better now, but please help support Astoria Park. It’s one of our favorite places!


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