Our Wedding: Reception

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Welcome back to our wedding posts. Today we will be showing you a little peek at our cocktail hour and reception. We wanted to keep our special day as true to who we are as a couple as possible. What better way to do that then rent out a restaurant that serves upscale bar food and some tasty craft beers.

Tom and I started out our day by sitting at the bar and enjoying a beer. We wanted to take a moment to just be together and of course, have the photographer capture it.

We wanted to enjoy a Founders All Day IPA because that was the beer we had on our first date, but the bartender couldn’t find it. We settled for a Coney Island Lager (a rather good lager) and waited to enjoy our signature beer a little later in the night.

Cocktail hour took place in the restaurant bar area. We served craft beer, wine, and Tom’s favorite cocktail a Negroni while passed horderves were served. We had seared tuna, pigs in a blanket, Caprese skewers just to name a few. During this time we played the soundtrack to Remember the Titans, but I don’t think anyone could hear it.

Once the cocktail hour was over our guests were encouraged to pick up their favor and head upstairs. You might remember from our last wedding prep post that we used beer mugs to act as both the favors and place cards for our guests. The tag on the mug told them what brewery they were sitting at.

The decor for the reception was meant to be simple and clean. We went with white linens, white pumpkins, and white daisy mums in terracotta pots. We also had a few signs made to help show off our brewery theme.

We didn’t want to make a crazy grand entrance with our bridal party so we worked out with our band a simple announcement that went right into the first dance.

Our folky and awesome band Tino and Ashley from Philadelphia played their version of The Truth Is by Go Radio as we swayed back and forth. I got a little car sick spinning and looking up at Tom… but it was still a nice moment.

We then went right into the emotional and wonderful father/daughter mother/son dances. My Dad and I danced to Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles. Tom and his mom danced to Rascal Flatts. These were two moments we will treasure forever.

I then immediately changed out of my heels and into some sparkly Kate Spade Keds my aunt bought me. I’m all about the comfort people.

For dinner we served all our favorite foods that pair incredibly well with craft beer. We had sliders, pizzas, french fries, empanadas, quesadillas, and sausage and peppers.

Our beers were a selection of all different Brooklyn Brewery beers, Coney Island Brewery Beers, Founders All Day IPA, and an IPA from Captain Lawrence just to name a few. Please ignore the Bucklers in the picture. We did not serve that at the wedding and have no idea where our photographer got that for the picture.

After eating there was a lot of mingling and dancing with our family and friends. Tino and Ashley absolutely killed it. They are so talented and just so much fun to be around and watch.

It was then on to the toasts and speeches. My Dad, Jon (best man), and Stephanie (maid of honor) all delivered toasts that made you laugh and cry. They are all so wonderful.

Then my brother decided he wanted a turn. I love my brother I do, but he is ridiculous at times. His goal was to embarrass me. His speech was hilarious and very thoughtful. You can see from my face how much I loved it.

Dessert was served along with our scotch and cigar bar outside. Instead of a traditional cake we opted for mini Sprinkles cupcakes and donuts from the Holland American Bakery.

We served Macallan and Bulleit Bourbon outside on the deck with stinky cigars (Tom’s thing not mine).

We finished out the night with a lot of dancing. We cannot thank everyone enough who came and made our day extra special!


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