Christmas and New Years

It’s no secret that the holidays are my favorite time of year. Beginning with Halloween and ending with New Years it is a square of fun, happiness, and traditions!

On Saturday we celebrated our own Christmas in our apartment. We lit the yule log, Tom made homemade pumpkin pancakes, and we exchanged gifts. It was really nice just relaxing at home together before heading off on our busy Christmas weekend.

This year like last year we broke up the holidays into to different days with our families. We began the weekend before Christmas with my parents. On the 23rd my Dad and I made my Nanny’s meatballs in preparation for our Christmas Eve gathering. My family always complains that there are never enough so we went all out this year rolling a total of 68 regular meatballs and 3 gluten free for my cousin.

The next day we continued our traditions by heading into town to pick out my mom’s stocking stuffers. We begin with breakfast at Cafe a la Mode and then head over to Frazzleberries and Newhart’s. These Warwick stores have the cutest stuff! Trust us you must shop there!

Back at the house, we relaxed before church by watching old Nickelodeon Christmas specials by the fire. We also had tea and cookies!

Christmas Eve service was wonderful. Pastor Jen (who married us) always leaves you feeling the love and cheer of the season.

Shortly after church, my extended family arrived at my parents. We enjoyed a cheese plate and wine while my mom put the final touches on our dinner.

For dinner, we consumed the meatballs and 2 different versions of baked ziti, both family recipes. One recipe belonging to my Nanny and the other to my Aunt Jeanne. Both incredible for different reasons just like the women who created them. For dessert, my mom made a cake with homemade chocolate whipped cream and homemade fudge. Both so tasty!

Before the night was over we exchanged gifts and then Tom and I headed to NJ for our next Christmas celebration!

We awoke Christmas morning in Tom’s childhood home to find that Santa had paid us a visit. We opened presents and enjoyed our tea and coffee. It was a nice relaxing morning.

It turned out to be a relaxing day all around. Tom and I had some Christmas beers. We enjoyed a crown roast for dinner and watched a movie later that evening. It was a really nice day.

We went home the next day to prepare for 2 days of work. They were slow days and we enjoyed lunch with our friends at an excellent udon place in midtown.

Before we knew it the short work week was over and it was time for our second long holiday weekend. We kicked it off by shopping in NJ. Those gift cards were burning a hole in our pockets and I needed mom jeans. That’s right people high waisted in all their glory. The trend is making a huge come back.

Saturday night was spent with friends at INC in New Brunswick. This place serves up amazing food and cocktails. I had a Kona beer (a little tribute to our honeymoon) and Tom ordered a mezcal drink with Lionel Richie on it. We shared the incredible duck steamed buns, beef tartar, and umami fries.

Sunday was time with family and then on New Year’s Eve, we started out our day shopping. I still needed to find mom jeans and Pac Sun had the perfect pair. For lunch, we tried Blaze Pizza (the Chipotle of pizza) and it was actually really good. They have one in Disney Springs so you know I was excited about that.

To ring in the new year we had an appetizer and game night with our family. It was a lot of fun. We put together a cheese plate and there were pigs in a blanket! It was a great night.

The next day we celebrated Christmas with my extended family. I made one of my grandma’s appetizer recipes. The poor man’s pate as I like to call it. It’s a simple Liverwurst spread that tastes awesome. The recipe is above and is perfect if you need something quick and easy.

My cousin’s husband Cole made incredible venison meatballs. We ate really well that day.

To close out the holidays we all gathered for a family photo. These people are crazy, but I love them and they love me.


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