Astoria Honeymoon

After a full day and 1/2 of travel, we made it back to Astoria on Wednesday afternoon. We were exhausted and ready to just spend some time at home. We had planned on having lots of Queen’s adventures but ended spending most of that time of the couch. We did, however, manage to have a little bit of fun. Ok, let’s be honest all we did was eat!

Breakfast from Neptune Diner

Waking up on our first morning home we were craving pancakes. It only made sense to order these fluffy sweet treats from the Neptune dinner. In an attempt to be healthier we both got turkey bacon. This place is way overpriced for diner food, but it was tasty none the less.

Dinner at Taverna Kyclades

Taverna Kyclades is literally the most popular Greek restaurant in all of Astoria. There is always an insane line to get a table and even though they give you wine while you wait we never have the patience to wait. We have always wanted to try it because we had heard such amazing things and our honeymoon week seemed like the perfect time to do it.

We went early for dinner on our first full night home from Hawaii. We arrived exactly at 5:00 and as luck would have it it was blizzarding outside so no one was there. We were seated right away.

They started us out with amazing warm and crisp olive bread with olive oil and red wine vinegar. It was so good I could have filled up on it. We also had some of the house red wine.

For dinner I ordered the grilled branzino with a side of lemon potatoes. I was not expecting an entire fish, but was cooked perfectly. It was light, flakey, moist, and flavorful. I always get lemon potatoes at a Greek Restaurant because they are so so good. Nothing is better than something soft and tangy.

Tom had the fried flounder (I think, it was a fried white fish) and a side of lemon potatoes. It’s really hard to mess up fried fish because it’s so so good and of course this did not disappoint either.

To top all of this off we were given free dessert! This is something they do regularly and the dessert changes depending on the day, but we think we were given Galaktoboureko. This is a milky semolina custard in filo. It had a sweet cinnamon flavor. We loved it! This place lives up to the hype!

Back at home we made hot chocolate and watched Jersey Shore. The perfect date night for us.

Brunch at The Bonnie

Brunch at the Bonnie was another must do for our Astoria Honeymoon. We love this place for dinner and drinks so the brunch must be just as awesome. Spoiler Alert: It was!

We’re crazy people who don’t like to wait too long to eat ( see above re: Taverna Kyclades) so we got there right when they open (10am) and guess what NO WAIT!

We started our meal with coffee for Tom and Irish Breakfast tea for me, but Tom was seriously eyeing one their brunch cocktails. We just relaxed and sipped our hot beverages while we picked out our food.

I being as basic as possible ordered one of my favorite things Smashed Avocado Toast, two poached eggs, cucumbers, feta, mint, aleppo pepper. This was so good even though the poached eggs were tough to eat in the tiny bowl they brought then out in. Nothing beats cold avocado on warm crusty bread.

Tom ordered the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Deluxe, crispy potato, pickled jalapeños, American cheese & chipotle mayo on kaiser roll. This massive sandwich was the size of his head so he had to get a cocktail to wash it down with. This drink is no longer on the menu, but it had mint and I think pineapple and mezcal. It really reminded him of Hawaii. Gotta keep that tropical vibe as long as possible.

The Bonne is an excellent place for any meal. The food is killer, the drinks are strong, and the staff very friendly. Please check them out!

Takeout from Macoletta

Our last little treat of our honeymoon was takeout from Macoletta. As you all know we love an relaxing date night at home.

We ordered the pizza over the phone (we know so old school) and they told us it would be ready in 10 minutes so Tom quickly ran out to pick it up.

We opened a bottle of wine my cousin Aislinn gave us for our wedding and put on Maniac on Netflix.

We’ve written about Macoletta before so we will keep this part short. They make awesome pizza. You should for sure check them out! We highly recommend the Algerino, lamb sausage, smoked shallots, fontina, roasted tomatoes and oregano.

Thanks for following along on all our honeymoon adventures. We love sharing with you guys!


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