Date Night: One of our favorite things

It’s time for another at home DATE NIGHT! When we don’t have plans on a Friday night there is one thing we LOVE to do!

We love to have a wine bar night at home! We go around to a few local shops and buy up all the things we need for this at home date night!

We hoped off the N train at Ditmars and walked over to our favorite wine shop, Adega. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money and they have great moderately priced bottles of wine. We recommend Educated Guess or Decoy. We opted for a Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our next stop was Astoria Bier and Cheese for what else… CHEESE! The cheese mongers are always super helpful here, but we knew exactly what we wanted. We got a 1/4 pound of Midnight Moon (this is a hard aged goat cheese), 1/4 of Moses Sleeper (an incredible classic French Brie), and 1/4 pound of a red label prosciutto.

Our last stop before heading home was Key Food for some Ample Hill Ice Cream for dessert. It’s very convenient that they sell it there.

Back at home we assembled our cheese board. The only extra we added was some hot honey we had in the pantry. This is the best thing to pair with meats and cheese! We always have it around.

I also thew some boneless BBQ wings and fries in the oven because cheese is never enough for Tom.

Once everything was put together we had a picnic in the living room while watching The Umbrella Academy which is awesome by the way! Let us know if you’re watching it too!

Wine and cheese are the best thing ever! It’s such a tasty combination and an easy way to feel fancy.

It’s so simple to have a nice date night at home and still support some awesome local shops. What’s one of your favorite things to do on a Friday night?


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