Great Date Night Spots

Tom and I recently went out to 2 restaurants that we think are perfect for your next date night! We’re very excited to share our experiences with you.


George’s is a restaurant and jazz club in Astoria located right at the entrance to Kaufman Studios. It’s in the old Astor Room location for our fellow Astorians. You enter along side of a building and walk down stairs giving it a very speakeasy feel.

The restaurant serves what I would call continental food with a fun mix of flavors. We went for Valentine’s day and enjoyed their prefix 3 course meal with champagne for $100. Such a great deal!

Like most restaurants they started us out with their bread service. We were each served a warm roll which was very tasty and we also liked that we were given 1 each so we were not tempted to eat too much bread.

For our appetizers Tom had the burrata salad and I had the lobster bisque. Tom’s appetizer was very tasty! Who doesn’t love a cold chunk of gooey creamy cheese?!

My soup had really good flavor and was perfect for the cold night, but there was not a single piece of lobster in that soup. It was pretty disappointing.

Before dinner started they had a musician come out and play for us. She played modern songs with a jazzy twist. It really helped to set the mood for the night. Since I didn’t get a picture of her I inserted another picture of that dreamy burrata above.

Our entrees were even better than our apps! Tom ordered the perfectly cooked rack of lamb with polenta and I had the red snapper with it’s awesome crispy skin!

Every bit of dinner was absolutely delicious! We didn’t want it to end, but we had to save room for our dessert.

We both ordered the chocolate lava cake because nothing else would truly say valentine’s day. It was warm, rich, and sinful. The vanilla ice cream was the perfect sweet and cool pairing for this decadent dessert.

If you are ever in Astoria please add George’s to your list. The food is great, the staff is friendly, and the rich movie history is fascinating.


The next stop on our date night journey is SugarFish in the Flatiron district of NYC. SugarFish is a take on Japanese omakase. It was a simplified menu featuring only the highest quality fish and ingredients. The sushi is brought out to you the second is ready and you are expected to eat as soon as it arrives. That way you are experiencing the food as fresh as possible. We went with our friends Courtney and Chris and we had an amazing time!

There are 3 options on the menu to choose from. We went with the Trust Me. This is their most popular option and costs around $40 a person for dinner.

The meal began with edamame and we ordered a bottle of dry sake for the table. We were starving so the edamame was very welcome.

From there we were served Tuna Sashimi in an incredible ponzu sauce. The fish literally melted in your mouth.

Next, we had salmon and albacore sushi. Both incredible!

Moving on from there we were served a toro hand roll and ordered a second bottle of sake. The handroll had warm rice and crisp seaweed. It was delicious.

Next came the yellowtail and sea bass sushi. Again, absolutely amazing. The sea bass was a little bit spicy and the yellowtail was simply brushed with lemon.

Last, but certainly not least was the crab hand roll with wait for it… real crab! This was by far my favorite part of the meal. They definitely save the best for last.

After eating this incredible sushi you will no longer be able to go back to the garbage you order when you get takeout. That may sound harsh, but this is truly how sushi is supposed to taste. This place is a conversation starter too for people going on a first date! It’s an awesome experience that is worth every penny. Just keep in mind that they do not take reservations and they get insanely busy. We were very lucky we did not have to wait long.

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