Vermont 2019 Day 3 (Lake George)

We woke up on Vermont on our last day and enjoyed an incredible Swift House Breakfast, but we really should have titled this post a day in Lake George…I digress.

Back to Vermont. So for breakfast we both ordered pancakes. Mine came with sausage and Tom got some bacon. You have to have some kind of vessel for syrup while in Vermont.. you just have to!

After breakfast we quickly packed up our room and said goodbye to my parents. We hopped in the car and drove an hour and 1/2 to Bolton Landing, NY.

Our plan for the day was to check out the Bolton Landing Brewing Company and grab some lunch. We arrived an hour and 1/2 before they opened and it being the off season it was rather hard to find something to do.

We took a walk around the small town and noticed a couple of stores were open. One of which is a childhood favorite of mine, The Indian Tepee Gift Shop. This store is super kitchy and a lot of fun to explore.

Back outside in the cold we decided to brave some of the snow and try to get as close to the lake as possible. As you can see from the selfie we weren’t that successful.

Soon the brewery opened and we were greeted by a very friendly staff. We took a seat and started to pick our beers for our flights. As always our pro tip at a new brewery is to order a flight first so you can try as much as possible without overdoing it.

For our flights we ordered:
1. Heron Go Bragh (Irish Stout) – inspired by a yellow label Guinness
2. Black Mountain Porter (Shan’s favorite) – brewed with cold brew coffee
3. Up in the Air – an experimental IPA
4. Above the Clouds (Tom’s favorite) dank citrus IPA
5. Paradise Bay IPA – crisp New England style IPA
6. Double Paradise Bay IPA – same as number 5, but double everything.
All of the beers were very good. They were well balanced and had great flavor.

Now that we had our beers it was time to order some food. It was St. Patrick’s day so they had a special menu for us to choose from. We decided to share the scotch eggs and the corn beef Ruben sandwich.

The food was awesome! The corn beef was a little tough but the tangy sauerkraut, sweet dressing, and creamy swiss cheese really sold the sandwich. It also came with killer homemade chips!

What’s not to love about a scotch egg? It’s a smooth hardboiled egg covered in sausage and deep fried with bread crumbs. It was perfect and the tangy mustard sauce really helped with all the richness.

Tom ordered a full size of the Above the Clouds while we finished off all the food. Before grabbing the check we both bought t-shirts because we loved it here. This is an excellent brewery in one of our favorite places. We can’t wait to go back in hopefully the near future.

We drove home right after the brewery to spend some time relaxing before heading back to work. We hope you enjoyed our trip in Vermont as much as we did.


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